Assignment 4: Drones in Journalism

Brian IvesDrones will soon become an essential part of how journalism is practiced. The first example that comes to mind is weather.

Weather leads like nothing else – in local T.V. news, there’s a saying that you lead with the weather until something happens. Nothing drives viewership like severe weather.

Drones obviously have some catching up to do as far as their flight capabilities in weather, but in the future, I see T.V. stations sending drones to cover major weather disasters. Imagine flying through the clouds as lightning strikes and watching hail develop. Forecasts would be more accurate than ever.

Their are, of course, cost issues to consider. Sending something as expensive as a drone into a thunderstorm or a tornado would be problematic at best, but I think it’s a far smaller problem than sending a manned aircraft into the middle of a severe event.

Drones have the potential to totally revolutionize news coverage – as long as the F.A.A. gets its act together.

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