Assignment 4 Drones stand up!

As any other technology drones has its pros and cons which I have to say I lean more towards the pros. While watching the NYTVR video called the food drop in South Sudan.  I was able to see the real affect that drones can have on other countries especially less developed ones. This technology can get into places that it would take way more money and man power to get people in these remote locations. It is also a way to expose outsiders to regions they have never seen and as many people I have heard who deal with this technology have said, “build empathy.” I watched this video with my boyfriend and I remember afterwards we were just blown away because we couldn’t understand how these people survived off of this one bag that they had to wait for drones to drop. it was really amazing being able to see this as well as sort of experience what they can do.

On the other hand many people are afraid of drone. Their pro can also be their con. Drones can get into places that it would take a lot of man power to get a person in let alone a handful of soldiers. I believe this makes war unfair. if you are using a drone that can be silent to drop a bomb or even shoot enemies it can be very dangerous. Drones are not always precise and can harm other people around them, not only the enemy. This can be very problematic and using the 3d NYTVR videos I was also able to see the affect of bombs and how they can leave people extremely displaced. If this technology got into the wrong hands I believe it would be very problematic especially security wise without regulations.

But for now there are many regulations and I think it will be a very long time before regulations loosen up and people are able to get these on the market for cheaper.