Assignment 4 – Jason Mussman

Drones are definitely going to be very impactful for my future career.  I have had my own drone for over a year now and I can honestly saw I can picture myself using a drone every day for my career.  I want to be a producer or an aerial photographer for a film studio.  I have filmed numerous videos myself and want to take it to the next level and contract for a company, brut because of current FAA regulations I am unable to.  Before all the FAA regulations I was planning on taking my drone to a summer camp and filming a promotional video for them, I was also preparing to go to several golf courses and film promotional videos for them.

In the future when the FAA enacts a plan for drones I want to get certified and be able to fly commercially.  I am also very interested in Search and Rescue and believe that drones are going to revolutionize helping people trapped after building collapse or in an avalanche.  My cousin is a firefighter and I have already discussed with him how drones can be helpful in firefighting situations.  We both agreed that Drones are going to be here to say in the Rescue industry.

Attached is an unedited sample video of a flight I took while at the beach in Long Island.  Please enjoy.