Assignment 4 : Mahima Singh

Disney just announced that they plan to continue telling Star Wars stories for the next 15 years. As an ‘EU’ (extended universe) fan of the franchise, I am excited that the Star Wars cannon will continue to grow in my lifetime. In my nostalgic look back at episode I-VII, I realized that characters hardly ever say the word ‘lightsaber’ in the films.  After a quick fan-forum search I learned that the word Lightsaber is used only eight times in all the films till episode VII.   I decided to do a histogram of some of the more popular Star Wars phrases.

May the Force be with you

I have a bad feeling about this

The Force

The Dark Side

I scraped through the scripts of episodes I-VII ( The official script of Rogue one hasn’t been released yet) and counted the number of times each phrase was said and by whom.

This two-level drill down of a treemap represents that dataset.

Design wise I wanted to do a lot more. But as we studied in class, High charts, like any other third-party application, has its drawbacks when it comes to customization.