Assignment 4- Sensors

I never really thought about sensor journalism until we talked about it in class. This was an entirely new concept to me.

I thought about combining sensors to help with the making of music. Music has a way of making people feel a wide range of emotions. Deejays and musicians write lyrics and music that comes together and forms a song. I think that the NeuroSky MindWave Mobile+ and the SparkFun Spectrum Shield would help artists figure out how their music makes people feel before they release it to the public.

Imagine if musicians and producers played the songs for a small group of friends using both sensors and used that information to figure out whether or not the hook, chorus and melody needs any adjustments. The Spectrum Shield would help indicate music reactors and the MIndWave would show a person’s brain waves during the entire song.

This can really change the way that artists analyze their own music so they can invoke a certain reaction from listeners. This would also be extremely beneficial to deejay’s because of the type of music they produce. They make songs that are best heard in large crowds of people dancing together. If they had a tool like this, it could change the way that music is made. Or, at the very least, help artists understand how the brain interprets their music.