Assignment 4: Sensors

Before our class session, I was familiar with sensors but didn’t realize the array of functions they have. While browsing the website I tried to get an understanding of the categories of the sensors. I was really interested in the Biometrics, Sound, and Movement sensors. Originally I was going to use the Sound Detector sensor, which is binary indication of the presence of sound, and an analog representation of its amplitude, and started brainstorming a new function for it but I couldn’t think of anything that hasn’t been used before. Then I found the NeuroSky Mindwave sensor, which shows your brainwaves and can monitor your levels of attention and relaxation. For my story, I decided to utilize both sensors because I think both functions would be beneficial for this scenario.

Growing up, I always slept with the TV on and it became a habit until I got to college. I noticed that the noises I’d hear while sleeping affected what I’d dream about. I sometimes dreamed myself into cartoons or movies  that were playing on the TV while I was sleeping. I would use the Mindwave sensor to put on people while they are sleeping to monitor their dreams while using the Sound Detector sensor to record data of how the amplitude, frequency, and type of sound affects the person. I would play a list of a distinctive sounds such as a cartoon, nature/ ocean sounds, a wrestling match, a horror film scene, and etc and record the brain activity on how the individual reacts to it. Then when they wake up, make a report about what they remember from their dreams.

I think understanding what affects what you dream about will help understand what they mean and the presence of sound is a good place to start.

NeuroSky Mindwave –
Sound Detector –