Assignment 4 – The Future of Drones In The Media (and everywhere else)

It’s hard to say what the future for drones will look like in America, because I strongly believe that this future will be entirely dependent on legislation (which at this time is very unpredictable). Eventually a slew of decisions will have to be made: Can any ordinary citizen own a drone? Will a license be required? How much will a license cost, and will it prevent most ordinary people from owning drones? These questions are only the tip of the iceberg, and don’t even begin to address commercial drone usage.

I believe wide-scale commercial drone usage is inevitable. Companies like Amazon are already lobbying for pro-drone legislation, and as the technology becomes cheaper and more available, other companies will push for commercial drone usage as well. Once commercial drone usage is legal, we will see many film companies deploying them for aerial shots. In the news, drones will be used to capture footage that is either impossible or too dangerous for cameramen too capture. In general, the quality and quantity of news footage will skyrocket. Finally, this technology will also make capturing news in war-ridden areas much easier (if the US government allows it).

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