Assignment 4 Tony Yao

After seeing how drones work, I have come up with the following thoughts.
1. Drone technology is quite mature now but requires a smarter AI to fly it.
With all those sensors built in drones, it is much safer to fly a drone but it still required some sort of practice. I believe in the future it would be nice to have a much smarter AI so that it can be flown automatically.
2. Drones can be used a house keeper
We do now have smart vacuum cleaners and it would be better to give it a pair of wings. Also, if it can be linked to voice recognition systems, it would be more helpful to have them reach stuff as well as help with the house cleaning.
3. Drones can be used as a poster change machine
Nowadays these huge posters on a building should be changed by the human. It is dangerous to do that, with drones, it can be operated with ease as well as maintenance.
4. Drones worked really well indoors so it would be better to use it in filming movie clips
With drones, a much more complicated movie shot can be done without risking stuff’s lives as well as it can be done with multiple angles without disturbing actors.