Assignment 4 – Using Highcharts

Jennifer Castro

As the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors continue to dominate the NBA, the debate ensues regarding which team is better. With that comes the analysis of each team’s individual players, with the most notorious of those being LeBron James of the Cavs and Steph Curry of the Warriors. While LeBron has been in the league for six more years than Steph (LeBron debuted in 2003 and Steph in 2009), commentators, fans, and players alike participate in an even hotter debate around the two’s talents and achievements. It’s the LeBron and Steph show now.

This Highchart depicts both LeBron and Steph’s average points per regular season, starting in the 2003-2004 season, which was Steph’s NBA debut year. Quite obviously, LeBron dominated in the earlier years, as he had more experience under his belt in the league at that time. However, as we can see, Steph has caught up, closed the gap, and in some years, passed LeBron’s average. LeBron seems to generally score more per year due to the Cavs having fewer scoring outlets than the Warriors (some people argue that he’s just more dominant to begin with). This takes the pressure off of Steph to score all the time for his team and puts more pressure on LeBron, who typically has to carry his team to victory. In recent years, the gap between the two’s averages is very small, so this may not be a huge factor, but it is certainly one to consider.

This season’s statistics are still a running total, as the year has not been finalized yet. Currently, the Warriors are looking like the favorites to win it all, as the Cavs are struggling and having numerous internal problems, and other teams throughout the NBA genuinely lack the talent and stamina to withstand the Warriors. Regardless, the All-Star Break is right around the corner, and the season can change very quickly after that.

Solely looking at average points per regular season is not the only way to analyze players against one another. Ideally, I would’ve had multiple graphs analyzing many different statistics, such as average assists, field goal and three-point made percentage, rebounds, and turnovers, but that is outside my realm of expertise, unless I individually created those charts. I had wished to create a seamless stream of those charts, however, so that with the push of a button, you could go from graph to graph.

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