Assignment 4-Using Highcharts

-Amanda Dominguez

Prospective university students have to think long and hard about the costs and benefits of attending a private university. Tuition, while already extremely high, has continued to rise over the years, further adding to students’ debt. Especially for residents of New York, attending a SUNY school would cost a fraction of the price of a school like Syracuse University, although some may argue that one wouldn’t receive the same quality of education. SUNY Cortland is only about 30 minutes away from Syracuse, and you can see the comparison in tuition in the chart below. The costs below do not include room and board, and the SUNY Cortland tuition prices are for New York residents. While Syracuse University is not only much more expensive, the tuition increases at a higher rate as well. It’s important for students to be informed on both tuition costs and increases in order to make an informed decision on where to get their degree.