Assignment 5

The Ice Cream delivery van is a combination if the old school ice cream bus and the modern times food delivery. The Ice Cream delivery van is an Ice Cream delivery company that delivers fresh cold ice cream to people in Lagos to help them refresh themselves during lunchtime, without having to drive to an ice cream shop. This business is targeted to working class men and women in Lagos state. With the rising climate change issues facing Nigeria right now, the weather is extremely hot and many Ice cream shops are usually packed with a lot of customers who want to take in something cold and refreshing during their lunch breaks. This van will bring the refreshment straight to their doorstep at their own request.

At the initial stage, we will have to make use of word of mouth and social media to spread the word about it, before adopting advertising through fliers and posters in the later stages. In order to keep the finances rolling in, we will sell other snacks that people may want to also have during lunch. We would also organize road shows, so that while people are watching the shows, they can also buy the ice cream. In addition, we will make use of promos like, but one ice cream and get a free picture in our mobile photo both which will also be in a compartment of the van, for the period of the promo. The photo will also be posted on social media.

The potential competitions to our business are other ice cream companies that have already built their brand over the years. Companies like Cold Stone Creamery, The Ice Cream Factory and Cakes and Creams. Our company will be better than these companies because we will not only have better and healthier ice cream, we would also have the convenience of delivering it to your doorstep. Our company will also integrate another small company that produces snacks that Nigerians love like shawarma, spring roll, donuts, buns and clod drinks like zobo (a locally made Nigerian drink) and frozen yoghurt. We would create packages/ meals that would go with the ice cream, but our main focus will still be on ice cream.

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