Assignment – 5

Over the course of the 5 weeks, I was able to continually grow and develop a forward-thinking mindset that helped me tremendously throughout all my courses this semester. By being immersed in future innovations it has enabled me to see things differently than my peers and has provided me with the tools to enter the industry as a leader aware and knowledgeable about emerging media.
What I liked most about this class was that it united different disciplines from across Newhouse. Together we were able to learn about major innovations and concerns facing each other’s desired industries. This opportunity enabled us to absorb, share and foster new relationships. When it comes to the future of Television, Radio,& Film industry I think that 360 video has the chance to be the biggest change to the way we watch. 360 experiences in their current form range from short films, games and live onstage concerts. I began to wonder how a TV network can incorporate 360 videos. Think can a food show offer a 360 look into a restaurant to offer a truly immersive experience on how to cook recipes (check out my final project) or what if you can be taken inside a house flipping show getting a glimpse on all the work being done. With this in mind I think that 360 video is a major theme for producers, broadcasters and tech companies alike in the coming years.

However, getting a majority of consumers to commit to buying VR products to watch this content is still a significant obstacle that we must overcome. Overall, the cost of acquisition and development of both hardware and software used to access 360/VR has become less expensive. Mobile device computing power and battery life is at an all-time high and Google has developed an entry-level cardboard set for experiencing watching 360. However, Mass market implementation of this technology will require a set of behavioral changes.

Now I believe more than ever it is important to always be thinking what’s next? What will the world look like in 10 years? I understand that I am entering the job market in the midst of a new era, a changing media environment filled with disruptors that are creating new opportunities on all platforms and fundamentally altering our world. As I leave this course I have obtained a new professional desire. I strive to always be thinking what’s next in digital media and take advantage of as many broadening media opportunities that come my way.