Assignment #5

Technology is changing the way the world works every day. Virtual Reality is giving people the opportunity to immerse themselves in situations and locations around the world. It’s helping businesses give virtual tours or online shop and it’s changing the world of video games.

I am really hoping to be a television executive that focuses on current programming. Virtual reality might help with promoting content. It might also help with set designing. If set designers were able to use a program like Unity and create virtual sets before building anything in a soundstage, that might help minimize costs. A director would just be able to look into a headset and give feedback.

Since I’m currently working in a marketing department for an apartment complex, virtual reality might be extremely helpful with tours as well. Since we market towards students, VR would help us bring the tours out to students if they aren’t able to come to the property. I’ve heard of some companies doing this but I think it can really change marketing moving forward.

I also think that phones are going to continue to change the way we already do our jobs. Most professionals cannot go anywhere or do anything without using their phones. It will be very interesting to see how it continues to play out in the future.