Assignment 5- Career Vision

-Amanda Dominguez

As an advertising major, I see numerous ways that all of the technology we have touched on can be utilized in the field. We’ve already seen the beginning of the integration of 360 video into numerous campaigns. 360 video provides the audience with a much better big picture idea of what they are looking at. For example, a travel company showing all the places in the world they can being you to, or a cruise ship company giving a tour of its newest boat. Similarly in retail, consumers can upload their own room and mix and match different furniture designs and decor before purchasing any products. In the future, I expect it will be possible for consumers to upload a 3D model of themselves right onto a retailer’s website to see how different clothing would actually look like on their body.

Virtual reality is where I really see things taking off. Virtual reality is also beginning to be integrated into many campaigns, specifically in the news and entertainment industries. My first experience with VR was when The New York Times sent me a branded Google Cardboard, and I was incredibly excited to finally experience VR for myself. The movie Coco built an entire world for viewers to immerse themselves in with VR technology, enticing them to see more by watching the movie. Similarly, YouTube has an entire section of 360 video movie trailers, branded videos, and more that can be viewed with a VR headset. I plan to use tools such as these for my final field project to test their effectiveness in advertising. Recently during an interview, an employee at a top advertising agency shared with me their plans to build a large VR campaign this summer, and I expect others to follow suit. The curiosity and buzz around VR alone is enough to get consumers to engage with your brand, even if its just to try out the technology.

Finally, I believe chat bots are the customer service of the future. Companies that can effectively build chat bots not only save money, but make the process of getting information much quicker for consumers.  Over spring break, I was able to make reservations, view the daily resort schedule, send housekeeping requests and more without every having to speak to a hotel concierge. I also saw a recent example of an advertising campaign for Victoria’s Secret that let you “chat” with all of the Victoria’s Secret angels and buy the products they were wearing using chat bot technology.

I am very excited to see the future of advertising and the integration of new forms of technology. I feel that I am entering the industry right when everything is beginning to take off, and I look forward to seeing how these technologies evolve as well as the creation of new technologies we can’t even dream of yet.