Assignment 5 – Clayton Dyer

The SparkFun Luminosity Sensory Breakout – TSL2561 is a light sensor that is capable of measuring both small and large amounts of light. I think that a cheap light sensor such as this one could be utilized in journalism (my planned profession), specifically news stories related to the environment. One possible way this sensor could be used is to measure sunlight on local rooftops. This sensor could be placed on various rooftops, and in different locations on rooftops, to measure the sunlight that they receive throughout the day. This would inform people as to which parts of their house receive the most sunlight and where good locations are to put solar panels up. Whether it is for residential or commercial use, this sensor could be utilized in a news story about whether or not your house or office building is a good place for a solar panel to be placed.

Another sensor that could be utilized for a news story is the Temperature Sensor – TMP36. News stations frequently do stories about how cold weather affects various aspects of your house (especially in Syracuse). A good idea for a story that incorporates this sensor would be to find out which parts of an average house are have the most cold air draft, or to find out where heat is escaping from a house. Placing several of these sensors throughout various areas of a house and collecting readings on the temperatures in those locations would provide data on which parts of an average house are the warmest and coldest. If you are able to find out where heat is escaping from a house you can then offer solutions to the problem and save people money.