Assignment 5 – Elena DeLuccia

So, I’m not sure if everyone heard my little rant in class on Thursday about this new, ridiculous, tourist-attracting U-shaped building that New York City is currently on it’s way to approving.

You can find all the info about it in the article here.

Basically, it’s so irritating because I (along with many others) believe that the money that’s going to be going towards building this impractical and useless structure could be going to certain things that could help the city such as reducing the homeless population, creating more affordable housing, fixing the roads or cleaning up the parks – and supporting New York City’s schools.

This is why I chose to do my tabletop and chart on the retention rates of CUNY (City of New York) schools in order to show that maybe this is something the money could go to – creating more opportunities for students in order to keep them enrolled and create a better future for them.

For my final article I’m going to look at things like the homeless population and much of the other things I mentioned in order to show where this money could be distributed to improve the city of New York.

In the meantime, I had a little trouble working the chart to get the key out of the way, but you can still see most numbers.