Assignment 5 – Jason Mussman

For this assignment I looked at a common problem at Museums and tried to figure out a solution for it.  Many Museums have signs that say “Please no flash photography” or “please no touching.”  How many people do you think actually follow these rules?  Exploring SparkFun I came across two sensors that will allow us to test this question.

Using the SparkFun Luminosity Sensor Breakout – TSL2561, a sensor that captures light, we will be able to determine if people take flash photos.  We can place this sensor right next to the art and every time a flash photo occurs the sensor can keep a record and record the number of times.

Another sensor that we can use for this project is the ZX Distance and Gesture Sensor.  This sensor picks up simple gestures that occur when an object passes over it, its kind of like a motion detector.  We can put this sensor right next to a barrier protecting the art and it can calculate the amount of times people reach over and attempt to touch the display.  This will be very useful in determining how many people actually follow the rules.

Using both of these sensors we will be able to figure out if people actually follow the posted rules.

Please Do Not Touch