Assignment 5 – Samantha Ho

After directors have put countless hours, blood, sweat, and tears into their film, they must turn to audience feedback to continue to mold their project. Through each screening and subsequent editing session, multiple cuts are created to form the final product. For the best product to be created, this audience feedback must be honest and helpful. During these exclusive screenings, audience members must fill out surveys, promising to provide this truth, but can never truly provide accurate data. Whether they might not remember certain moments or aren’t able to communicate their feelings well, it becomes a difficult process.

Utilizing both the NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile and the Polar Heart Rate Monitor Interface creatives and researchers can measure audience feedback in real time. Through these sensors, directors are able to pinpoint the audience’s physical and mental reactions to certain moments, scenes, and even lines of dialogue. The NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile sensor has the ability to detect levels of attention and relaxation; two of the most important measurements for enjoying a film. Especially supportive for horror movie screenings, the Polar Heart Rate Monitor can truly measure the impact of a certain scene, from the build up to the jump scare.

Between both lightweight and easy to use sensors, audience feedback can become more accurate and supportive to directors who truly want their projects to successfully distribute.