Assignment 5 – Sensor Can Give You Fashion Tips – Yahui

08527-01This is a sensor calledHumidity and Temperature Sensor Breakout – SHT15 which can easily sense the temperature and humidity.

Weather forecast is not always accurate. Weather forecast says there may be 60% chance of rain, so you may carry your umbrella all the day, however, there is no rain at all. Weather forecast says today will be 80 degree, you may think wear T-shirt is enough, however, because of the wind, you actually feel there is only 60 degree when you comes out from home.

We can change this issue by using this little sensor. Connect this sensor to a computer, and put this sensor out of you house. Then you can build a program on your computer and set up specific information and number about what clothes that you can wear under what temperature and humidity conditions. So, when the sensor captures the specific number and humidity, the information will quickly transfer to your computer and let the program do the analysis, then the program will gives you a general cloth tips about what you should wear based on the temperature and humidity.

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