Assignment 5: Top Visited Tourist Destinations – Palladino

Many travel magazines and online websites note the best places to travel in the United States every year. Travel and Leisure took a different spin on this concept in 2011 by creating a slideshow of the most visited places in America. Not surprisingly they were in big cities such as New York City and San Francisco. However, it was surprising what locations they had in the list of top visited places. Grand Central, a huge hub for transportation, was among the top 5 most visited places, and places such as the September 11 Memorial was not even on the list. This is due to the criteria that Travel and Leisure used to collect the data. Location and size played a major role, and according to the article, “While the National September 11 Memorial had an impressive 4.5 million visitors during its first year (2011)…it was dwarfed by Central Park with 100 times the area” (Travel and Leisure page 1 of slideshow). The larger the area, the more people that can fit and visit each year. The data collected in 2011 from Travel and Leisure and mapped below shows the number of people who visited the location, the name of the destination and the address were it is located.

I found it interesting how many of the locations listed I have visited myself, such as Pier 39, Times Square, Golden Gate Bridge, all the Disney attractions and the South Street Seaport.  The New York and Massachusetts destinations do not feel like tourist destinations, since I visit both multiple times a year. However, it is always fun to see the huge amount of tourists taking pictures in those places.

San Francisco has a few tourist spots listed, so you need to zoom in to see the different destinations. The same goes for the locations in Florida and New York City, where it seems as though there is only one dot, but once zoomed in there are a few.

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