Assignment 5: Vision about the future of media

by Marita Perez Diaz

The future of media will be definitly more sensorial. People won’t consume anymore only written long-articles on printed magazines, or even won’t see only multimedia content on the Internet anymore. The future looks very different to that. The way to consume more news, reportages and any media content will be more and more immersive experiences.

For me, it is really important as a journalist and storyteller to know how to use all this technology to tell better stories, how to connect that with a more physical and emotional experience for users. People will be inside the story, they will be almost part of the story, they will see first hand what is happening while using 360 glasses for a 360 video, connected to sensors that transmit heat or other external sensations. That is not only for movies, people would like to know how is to be in the place of the news and they would like to print on a 3D printer any piece related to a story we could tell. They will customize all the content with bots that will give humans what they need about information and media content.

And I will say, the future is almost here, we just need to use more our imagination to make it happen!