Assignment 5: Vision for the Future

I think that in the broadcast field, emerging technologies play a major role but often take time to be adopted by the biggest names and companies in the field. I think of the things we studied this semester, virtual reality will be the first to be completely adopted in broadcast, in both journalism and sports broadcasting.

Already, several of the big names in the field, including the NBA and Fox Sports have started to use virtual reality to broadcast select events. Fox even launched their own Fox Sports VR mobile application that allows viewers to watch games in Google Cardboard and similar handheld headsets.

I think it is only a matter of time before Virtual Reality becomes a much more widespread option for television and media viewing. I think the fact that the way in which people consume media is changing will make it even easier to shift to Virtual Reality. It is widely known that fewer and fewer people, particularly the younger generations, subscribe to traditional cable. More and more people are turning to streaming to consume their video content and this makes it much easier to incorporate virtual reality into the existing platforms.

I do also think that sensor arrays are being used and will continue to be used to tell stories in ways that they’ve never been able to do before. Sports fans are no longer satisfied with just hearing the score. They want information that tells them why things happen. Many media outlets are using big data collected through sensor arrays to collect information that can be used to draw conclusions about athletes.

I am excited to see where the big media companies go from here with so much new technology at their fingertips.