Assignment 5 – Vision Post

We covered a wide breadth of technologies in this class so I see it virtually impossible that I won’t run into at least one of them in the workplace. I think the one’s that I will see the most in my career as a future journalist is 360 video and VR. A lot of job applications I’ve been sifting through have inquired about working with or having previous experience with 360 video which I found somewhat surprising but also very interesting. There is a lot of room to tell stories in this medium, in a far more engaging way than a standard written profile or long form piece could. I also see AI having a future role in newsrooms, although I’m not completely sure about the specifics. Soon enough everything will be integrated with the Internet-of-Things, AI included, so it only makes sense this would takeover the home and eventually the common day workspace. Sensors will also have a role in data journalism and having writers become the ones who also collect the data. This particularly excites me because it allows so many stories that may not have been able to be told have a steady, concrete footing.

Overall, I learned a lot about various emerging tech trends, but my biggest takeaway from the class is that I want to get involved in these technologies. The main reason for that is because frankly, I find them kind of terrifying so I want to have a hand in the innovation and shaping the every day practices. And it is also important to remain adaptable and willing to try/learn new tech.