Assignment 5- Vision Post (Tamara Abujaber)

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve learned how to use a number of technologies that I never thought I would even get to test out, let alone use for class and possibly my career. With my degree in New Media Management, I aim to continue working with these technologies if possible. If I end up working within marketing or advertising, I will most definitely try to incorporate these technologies in the execution of whatever project I am working on. I  am sure that we will see much more 360 videos and VR technology usage in advertising and marketing in the near future.

I am most excited to see the progression and development of the use of these technologies in Sports. For fast-paced sports, having certain sensors and body cameras (possibly including 360 cameras) would allow for audiences to watch their favorite sports like never before. Imagine being able to watch a Basketball game from Kevin Durants point of view, moving with his every step, seeing his opponents face in front of you and moving with every step that leads to a 3-point shot or dunk. Or imagine being able to watch Michael Phelps compete in the Olympics from right under the water, with the 360 ability to see how far ahead or behind he is from his competitors.

In my Strategic Brand Management class, we learned about ‘brand storytelling’, where consumers become part of the story being told, meshing together reality and fiction. With Virtual Reality in specific, audiences can actually become part of the movie or video they are watching or using applications such as Unity, they can create and enter fictional worlds from books, or even travel back in time to different monumental periods in history. Being able to truly be part of a narrative as such is one of the most exciting aspects to look forward to from these technologies, in my opinion.

I have worked with a lot of analytics over the past year for my program and I am curious to see how data from these technologies could be used and quantified for. Chat Bots for example would provide useful data about consumer needs and what they question. Data collected from Chat Bot conversations could be used to identify demographic information and create consumer profiles for those communicating with the Bot, with regards to what the Bot is tailored to support (Product, page or service)

I am super excited to see what the future holds for these technologies and for new upcoming technologies that have yet to be released. I hope to still be able to test out the technologies available to us at Newhouse before the semester ends. Since I am currently on the job hunt, I think that having some experience with these technologies puts me at an advantage over some other candidates because these are technologies that will become more widely used in the near future, and not everyone has experience using them.