Assignment 6 – EuroTech 2014 – Lindsey Silverman

“Technology is everywhere.” This is what you hear while walking through the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University on any given day. Students who attend the iSchool are aware of this fact, and have dedicated four years of their lives to studying and discovering innovative uses for technology. This year thirty-four students were joined by several faculty members to see how this idea that technology is everywhere could be put into a global perspective.

EuroTech is for those who seek adventure, education, and the experience of a lifetime. EuroTech offers an eighteen day tour around Europe with the purpose of exposing students to new cultures, while stopping at global corporations to learn how they use information to address global technology challenges. This trip travels all over Europe including London, Bruges, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Geneva, Munich, Venice, and Rome. Throughout the trip the group attend company visits at all different types of corporations including global banks, CPG companies, government enterprises, and a non-profit agency.

I took part in the this 3 credit class during summer 2014 and have recapped it here.

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