Assignment 6 – Kerr

The Fast and The Furious movie series consists of seven films. The first one was made in 2001 and the most recent one came out in 2015. The studio and actors have signed on for and are currently working on an eighth. There have been talks of a ninth movie as well.

This franchise is very popular around the world. And these movies have raked in plenty of money from box office sales. All seven films combined for $3,907,312,431 in box office gross sales worldwide. I wanted to see which individual movies in the series made the most amount of money.

I made a pie chart to display how much each movie made compared to the total that the franchise made. It shows the breakdown of which movies account for the most of the series’ revenue. Furious 7 clearly made more money in box office sales than any of the other movies. The seventh installment brought in $1,522,726,205 in gross sales, good enough for the sixth highest grossing movie ever and almost 40% of the total sales of the film franchise.