Assignment 6: President Obama’s Golfing Habits

Hypothetical example chart comparing fruit consumption by month.

Being the President of the United States is probably one of the hardest jobs on the planet. There likely isn’t one person you can find who would dispute such a statement. The President of the United States is the leader of the free world. With that responsibility comes more stress and scrutiny than one can possibly imagine. Being someone who experiences a lot of stress (not nearly as much as the President of course), I find one of the best remedies when I’m feeling like I’m about to explode is to hit the links. Golfing is a great way to take out stress and relax the mind. But as President Obama recently found out, it’s also a way to draw a lot of criticism.

While the President was vacationing with his family on August 21st on Martha’s Vineyard, ISIS terrorists beheaded American journalist James Michael Foley and posted a video of the execution to the Web. Appearing before the media, the President said he was “heartbroken” by the killing. But as soon as he finished his address, he headed out to Farm Neck Golf Club to play a round of golf.

Many of the President’s fiercest critics pounced on him as soon as he did this, lambasting him for seemingly showing indifference after talking about the brutal killing of an American citizen at the hands of terrorists. Some such critics have taken painstaking effort to document every time the President has golfed. This chart shows how many times the President golfed last year by month.

As you can see, the president golfed the most in August and December, while he was on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii. Even in off months, however, you see a consistent trend by the President finding some time to golf. So far this year, his numbers are about the same.

A point that could be made is that if the President were to slow down his golf playing, perhaps critics would back off of him a bit. But as a recent New York Times article outlines, President Obama may have stopped worrying about what critics think a long time ago.

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