Assignment 6b – Tracking the Infant Mortality Rate

The last 40 years have been filled with new technology that has completely revolutionized how we live. Perhaps the most influential or important advances have come in the field of medicine. While certain treatments remain unchanged, new inventions and research allow us to heal more people, faster.

Medical advances are also one element that can be used to judge the state of a country. In the chart below we sought to compare two world powers, the United States and China, in how medical advancements have aided the reduction of =infant moralities since 1980. What we found is that the United States has been consistently well ahead of the Chinese, but little improvement has been made in the last two decades. As for the Chinese, they have reduced infant mortality rates by more than half of what they were in 1980. One explanation could be the government’s child restriction policy. If there are less babies being born, than there are less infants to care for, thus allowing doctors to provide more comprehensive treatment to those in need. While this is no way completely proven in a simple chart, it is worth noting when considering the trends you will find below.

Click here to find the data used in this chart.

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