Assignment 7: Derek Jeter’s Salary Fluctuations

Derek Jeter stepped up to the plate at Yankee Stadium for the last time Thursday, and I decided to look back at his career statistics. I chose to look at how his salary changed with his performance. Although he is a Yankees icon, and his salary is impacted by his brand as much as his performance, I chose his RBIs as the governing statistic, as that is where he has helped the team the most over the years.

As the chart shows, Jeter’s salary (the orange line) and his RBIs per season (blue bars) have actually shown parallels. There are other stats I could have chosen, but Jeter has set records for the MLB with RBIs in a single game, season, etc.

A legend walked out of Yankee Stadium the other night, and his salary and career stats reflect that. Here’s hoping we find another one.

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