Assignment 7: Highcharts & JSFiddle

By Stephanie Ann

Part One:
Since it was the class’s first time using Highcharts and JSFiddle, we started by going through the steps of a tutorial to learn how to use these data visualization applications.

Although snowfall in Syracuse and Buffalo is a very real thing during the winter months, obviously it does not snow as much as the graph shows during the summer months!

Part Two:
The amount of money that a country can produce domestically is very important because it helps distinguish the powerful nations from the weaker ones. Countries like the United States can further split up its GDP by state (or province) to figure out which regions contribute more to the overall total.

Below is a pie chart, created by using Highcharts, of each state’s share of the entire United States’ GDP.

It is interesting to note that California adds more to the GDP than the twenty lowest states and D.C. combined.

GDP numbers by state found on this website and this website.

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