Assignment 8 – Proposal

For Assignment 8 I’m looking to explain a little bit of the political situation in Brazil right now. Brazil’s been dealing with corruption for quite some time and unfortunately, the world doesn’t know much about it.

A few years ago, an operation by the feds called “Lava-Jato” was conducted and they uncovered money laundering from politicians in high places, for example, the former president of the country was caught in this operation. Billions of Brazilian dollars that were meant to go to Education and Health ended up in politicians pockets.

My idea is to create a timeline explaining the operation. A leaflet map to show where it happened and an Infogram with the general information.

This data is easy to acquire by looking into Brazilian newspapers and websites. The only thing I’ll need to be careful with will be the timeline because the order of facts can be confusing.

At this point, the unknown for me will be the location of where it happened so I can organize my map.

By far there is not plan B because I really believe this can work.