Propose your Final Project

Your final project is due on Thursday, March 18, but I want to make sure you’re working on it starting now. The first step is to write up a proposal, which will make up 10% of your final project’s grade.

As a reminder, your final project must use use 3 dataviz tools we covered in class, or others you find, to tell a story. At least one of those tools must involve using open source code that you upload to the class server. Be sure to include the following in your proposal:

  • A few paragraphs describing the story you hope to tell.
  • What data do you need to acquire and analyze to tell this story?
  • Where / how might you acquire this data?
  • What tools are you thinking of using?
  • What are some of the unknowns that you need to flesh out?
  • How might things go wrong, and if so, what’s your plan B?

Proposal Due Date: Thursday, February 22.

Final Project Due Date: Thursday, March 15.