Tech I Want To Use for Field Test-Mo Li

The one that most impress me is the Hololens created by Microsoft because I am really interested in product design. I think the biggest problem in traditional design is that idea, image or motions only exist in our heads so we have to do some transference from imagination to reality. For example, fashion designers have to draw the clothes and filmmakers need to work out storyboards before actually shooting. With Hololens, designers could see 3D models of their works and check out if their designs are workable or pretty.

If a Hololens is available, I would like test if it works on fashion design students or fashion bloggers. By using the tech, they could see which color is better or what kinds of hats, pants, and trousers match the styles they want. I would like to know that if the Hololens helps them in artistic creation.

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