Assignment4-Sensor Journalism

An assumption from a sensor that is watering my plants to the agriculture use

Looking through the Sparkfun and combing my experience of Spring break that when I traveled and nobody to water the plants at my apartment. I am thinking about finding a sensor to monitor the soil level and can connect to my phone to indicate me that it’s time to water my flowers. So, I found a sensor that can be plug into the soil. When connect to the Wi-Fi and opening their app, we can monitor the situation of the plants and it can even send a tweet when it’s time to water our plants.

This is only a simple and individual use of this sensor.

So, What if the farmers want to water the whole farm when they are not in their places and don’t want to cause lots of money to buy large automatic machine. I am thinking about there could be a drip irrigation project to water the farm or garden in a slow way. And they may need this kind of sensor to put into a larger area to monitor the soil level and weather. And they might have control system to control the drip flow, keeping them flowing in a certain speed according to current surroundings. People can use Wi-Fi to connect to an app, to monitor their farm.

There are so many traditional agriculture countries in the world. And there are also unpredictable natural disasters occurring all the time. If the principle of this small sensor can be used in texting the local temperature and collecting the data of this area to predict climate change in advance. It would be much helpful to the farmers when they are not in the farm.