Assignment 4: Create Your Own CartoDB Map

Based on what your learned about CartoDB in the tutorials, go out and collect some data yourself about a story that interests you. Create a new blog post. Write a short story of a few paragraphs at length and include a CartoDB map that illustrates what’s in the story. At the end of your story, you should include links to the data sources (for example, if you got data from the New York State data site, include a link to the dataset you used).

You should publish the map that tells the story around your data the best, but I will be awarding the most points to assignments that incorporate as many of the following as possible as long as the choices are appropriate to the story:

    • Data from more than one source, either in CartoDB’s library or from somewhere else.
    • Data that is imported from outside of CartoDB’s library.
    • Data that is filtered to hide extraneous information, either within CartoDB or before importing by using Excel.
    • Layered data sets.
    • Customized markers and visual effects (e.g. different icons chosen in CartoDB or uploaded).
    • Customized infoboxes, especially if you modify the HTML or CSS.

Due Friday, Feb. 5

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