Assignment5_Vision post about the future of media in my career

I’m always passionate in art although I am just an arts journalism student. In order to make more people engage into the arts events, I hope I could still report art and culture news when I graduate. Like film, theater or photography. So, it’s a good way to make a whole art event into a 360 video or other VR staff that lets reader experience immersively, such as the press conference, new exhibitions and collections in the museum or art gallery. Emerging media technologies can make art reporting more artistic. During the spring break, I went to Rhode Island School of Design. My friend there is working for a project of interior architecture design for a Japanese artist to make an exhibition for his painting. They are mainly using installations and lights to display the theme. So, it’s really inspired me that if an exhibition can set up a particular area for immersive media technologies to make visitor understand this artist deeply. For example, creating a VR video for their work that can let people experience in the artist’s painting. If we could put Chat box in the museum, it would be much more fun to engage visitors.

Arts reporting should be like art. My minor major was Photojournalism in my undergraduate study. So, I am thinking about we could also make online VR photo stories or photo collections, which are also good at deliver valuable information in multimedia storytelling. Still photographs can be made into 3D version and adding audio, like podcast and music into the whole VR experience, making news reporting more interesting, not just a serious thing. Another important responsibility for journalists is not only reporting new things, but preserving old classics, making new generations remember history by using new techs since some of the traditional culture and customs are fading with the social development. Therefore, arts journalist could make immersive documentary or photos to display previous essences.


Here is an immersive photography example. If we could make an art exhibition into a pure immersive experience, that will be much exciting.