Author: Eleanor Haines

Ellie Haines- Lynda Requirement

I decided to do my tutorial on HTML Essential Training. The only ever training I have had in HTML was this class plus a few chapters from code academy but after taking this course I realized the potential I could have with HTML as it is now less intimidating. It was good to get a refresher on the basic syntax and the outline of HTML but I learned a lot of new skills and tricks throughout this course.

I never thought to use a separate reader for HTML along with the website but for the practice exercises I tried out text wrangler. This course also showed me some helpful resources like w3c, HTML living standard and that I can reference in the future for help and updates with HTML.

The new things I learned how to do in this course were controlling the line breaks, white space, dealing with syntax errors (this happens all the time to me) and overall formatting the page content.

The most interesting part of the course was learning about how HTML plus CSS and Javascript come together to create a finished website considering this is something I have never been exposed to like this. Styling was the key take away, the tutorial went over how to style the CSS and HTML so that we are styling something that affects the entire site rather than just one page- which is cool because now I don’t have to fully rely on WordPress themes. I can now customize them with my touch. The JavaScript was definitely something that I need to watch a separate course on, it was harder for me to grasp.

Overall it was a great course and I want to continue to learn HTML/ CSS.

Ellie Haines- Final Project

The music industry one of the largest and constantly growing industries out there. With about 1,264 genres your ears can be satisfied with about just anything for any mood or event. With that being said, it is interesting to see how much the popular genres rule the industry.

For this first chart I took a look at the highest paid musicians. Taylor Swift, a country pop artist, is raining in the most money with 170.0 Million Dollars in 2016. The most interesting part about this is that she doesn’t allow any of her music to be on platforms such as Spotify or Soundcloud. She gets paid for her individual songs/ albums through Apple Music or iTunes as well as her concerts. One Direction and Adele are both international stars from the UK. One Direction falls under Pop and Adele’s music falls under multiple genres hitting {op, Contemporary R&B, Blue-Eyed Soul and Soul Music. One Direction reeled in $110.0 Million and Adele with 80.5 Million. Madonna, Rihanna and Garth Brooks all in the same ball park with $76.5 Million, $75.0 Million and $70.0 Million.

Next up I was able to see what artist was most popular in each state. An overwhelming amount of states are fans of the very popular Hip-Hop/ Contemorary R&B artist from Toronto, Drake. There was not much diversity in the data I found here. The other states were fans of Kevin Gates, Eminem and Fetty Wap who are also Hip-Hop musicians and lastly Taylor Swift.

2016 Business Insider Favorite Artists by State According to Pandora
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All of these genres were the basis of what all of the Genres today are built off of. As time has gone on artists have been innovative in adding their own twist on each genre to stand out and make a name for themselves.

Final Project Proposal- Ellie Haines

For my final project, I want to outline the music industry. First, I will be sorting each genre of music and seeing how many artists/bands identify with the genre. Then I will be ranking them by popularity and so forth. I want to include a timeline of when these genres were recognized as a category of music. In order to visualize this data I plan on using infogram, highcharts and timeline to help tell this story. I have already started to gather data regarding the timeline and the popularity. It will be cool to see if some bands/ artists identify with one or more different types of genres and find some unknown subcategories of larger genres. My hope is that my project will make the music industry look more simple than it is. I don’t want to just focus on top 100 songs or most popular artists because we all know that. There are many more genres that I can incorporate as well like folk, indie, alternative, jazz ect.

Assignment 4- Ellie Haines

I thought it was interesting to see how many inmates jails had so I took 5 random counties from NY states database for my graph.

Assignment 5- Ellie Haines

This data set is from the public NY State database. This collection dates back to 2007 up until 2016. It is categorized by First Name, Sex and Count (the number).

Baby Names in NY State from 2007-2013
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Assignment 3: Ellie Haines

Warner Brothers is one of the top producing companies for TV, Movies and Entertainment. Here is a brief timeline to show their history:

Assignment 2: Ellie Haines

For this assignment I wanted to see how much money Advantage After School Programs were receiving from NY State. In order to make this graph I first sorted the contract amount from highest to lowest and then filtered the date to 2019.  Then I took each of the programs and matched what they were receiving on the graph to see who was receiving the highest amount of funding.

Welcome: Your first project
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