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Field test Tony Yao

As for my field test, I wanted to know whether amazon voice recognition system can actually recognize real human voice instead of some computer generated voice. Let’s see what it happens when it heard of computer generated voices


Test methodology

What I wanted to know is that is machine-generated voices can be recognized and how accurate can they be. To comparison, I have chosen XXX types of computer generated voice systems. Which include:

Also, by recognizing “Alexa” is not enough for this test. I will also try to make it understand longer sentences like “what’s the weather today?” or “Do you know how to make a chocolate brownie?” To see if machine generated voice (which are obvious to us that it is fraud) can be detected by Amazon Echo.

During the test, I realize that if the sentence is too short. Alexa may not be able to recognize the sentence. That’s why I added “Errr” between “Alexa”(the trigger word) and the sentence itself.

I will use my own voice to get an answer so that if Alexa can recognize it, it will reply with the same answer.


Test results

Comparison group:

Human Voice saying “Alexa, What’s the weather today” and “Alexa, Do you know how to make a chocolate brownie?”

Google translate

Amazon echo is able to recognize google translate voices at all time.

Baidu translate

Amazon echo can recognize What’s the weather today but not able to recognize a longer sentence.

Amazon echo is able to recognize voices at all time.

Acapela group

Amazon echo is able to recognize Acapela group voices at all time.



The more human-like voice will have a better chance to fool Amazon Echo system that it is actually a person talking to it. A more machine like sentence can trigger Echo but it is not able to recognize the whole sentence.

I did this field test was totally for fun at the same time. Amazon Echo is a good helper to our everyday life. However, I also recognize some of the safety issues this might generate. If a human can fake his voice and get recognized by Amazon Echo, then he or she may have the ability to fake his presence at home even though he is not actually there. This kind of security issues can be serious if Amazon Echo can’t be able to tell who is actually talking to it.

Voice recognition system still has a long way to go, but I believe that human intelligence will solve all that problems and bring true convenience to our life.

Vision paper Tony Yao

A Journalist’s dairy


Another ‘new’ day of my life.

My supervisor Johnny told me to interview some of the handmake cloth companies in China. Come on, who knows about those hand-make clothes anymore. After the launch of Amazon look around 5 years ago, people has long been controlled by this ‘fancy’ clothing guide machine.

Human kind is becoming lazier and lazier. All those convenient AR stuff has cut all human’s ability to use their mind to a lowest level ever! Nobody is trying to find a cloth at a store, they all ordered online and try them out with a fancy AR mirror. No more searching, all you have to do is ask Alexa and everything is done. What a lazy world it is!

Luckily, there are still somebody working on traditional clothing art. The couple I interviewed today never sell their cloth on a fancy clothing website. Their opinion is customers should try before buying a new cloth because they can’t feel the cloth when they buy them online.

I am so worried that one day human may lose their ability to decide and feel the world due to these fancy technologies but they are convenient for sure. Oh, shit, Alexa is warning me to sleep right now. To have a health body, these voice recognition system is doing some good.



Today, our last camera man quit his job and our company became one of the “auto” tv channels in this country. This guy, Egzon, has been a single camera man for the past year and we had some great footages. The problem is, we don’t really need a camera man anymore. Egzon gets paid so few that even he is a single guy without a greedy living style can’t live on this salary anymore.

The problem comes four to five years ago when wearable and portable cameras gone viral and even a 5-years kid can take a good picture and great shoots of video without even learning. All those drones and automatic staff fulfill people’s need for a memory saving machine but also cut out people’s passion on actually get some complex picture taking done.

This goes worse when amazon got their first ever auto wearable 360 cameras online. With the capability of shooting all around you with a 16k definition, there is no need to bring a camera with you anymore. All pictures and videos can be shoot automatically and it is impossible to make any human mistakes such as missing the scene or losing focus. To a TV company like us, a single investment in a machine is much better to keep all those camera staff working.

Egzon is a good guy. He is just not born in a good time when you can still make money with you excellent filming skills. May be he can still make this one of his hobbies but there is no space for him in the company.

What a shame.

P.S. May be one day I will also be cut out because they might no longer need a journalist anymore. Who knows.



I can’t remember when is the last time I have to drive a car myself.

Self-driving cars are easy to use, much safer than human drivers and helps to prevent traffic jams. With these technology boost 2 years ago. I no longer drive any more. Am I kind of missing the passion and joy when I can drive myself?

I interviewed a car manufacture today and they are saying that next year they might cut the human emergency driving function out. Jimmy, the CEO of VW, announce that with great excitement.

“We are safer than ever!”

What about the joy once we have?

Driving a car was so much fun but it is illegal right now to prevent car crashes and traffic jams. With all those sensors input and connected to cloud, the traffic is certainly more liquid but getting from one place to another is lacking fun.

I can still remember the days when I can feel the vibration of my steering wheel. I can still remember the passion when I turn into corners. I can still remember the joy when I first change my brakes.

Now it’s all gone.

No more human drivers- as the law says.

The only “human” driver you can see is from racing competitions while they are not actually driving anymore while sitting in a small cockpit and remotely control their cars. What’s the point!

The technology is developing with the cost of our joyfulness, so what’s the point of that?



Worst birthday ever.

I lost my job because the company decide to use drones to took our jobs. All they need is 5 people sitting in the room all day to cover all the news online and interview others using drones.

It is not unpredictable.

Last time when I was attending a government conference, they all use drones. All this big news rooms, I am the only human. The secretary of the home security didn’t show up. She sent her drones. All the major tv companies didn’t show up, they sent their drones.

That was a terrible experience. All you can hear is the spin of fans and you are the only one who has to get paper based materials.

I love my job and I think that there is a purpose to get face to face with another people and hear from them what they truly think and their facial expressions are the most satisfactory moment during each conversation.

I feel alive.

But humanity can’t beat money. Well, in each ways. AI is taking control. They are much cheaper and they don’t make mistakes.

Guess it is time for us to leave the stage.

Or the human kind as well?









Seven days after this dairy.

AI take over and erase human kind.

The End.

NTNM Assignment 5 Tony Yao

In my opinion, a lot of sensors can be used as tools for outdoor survival uses. Temperature sensors can tell whether you should put on a fire or take off extra clothes. The weather meters can be used to predict extreme weathers in order to keep you safe. Flex sensors can be placed into you tent so that when its flexibility reach certain extent it can warn you about possible danger. Heart rate sensors can be used for health condition check and send signals when necessary. Force sensors can be used as alarm systems to avoid deadly wild animals. pH sensor kit can be used for water supply.

These sensors on Sparkfun are extremely small so that it is possible to combine them together for an ultimate survival tool that is reliable and life-saving.

Assignment 4 Tony Yao

After seeing how drones work, I have come up with the following thoughts.
1. Drone technology is quite mature now but requires a smarter AI to fly it.
With all those sensors built in drones, it is much safer to fly a drone but it still required some sort of practice. I believe in the future it would be nice to have a much smarter AI so that it can be flown automatically.
2. Drones can be used a house keeper
We do now have smart vacuum cleaners and it would be better to give it a pair of wings. Also, if it can be linked to voice recognition systems, it would be more helpful to have them reach stuff as well as help with the house cleaning.
3. Drones can be used as a poster change machine
Nowadays these huge posters on a building should be changed by the human. It is dangerous to do that, with drones, it can be operated with ease as well as maintenance.
4. Drones worked really well indoors so it would be better to use it in filming movie clips
With drones, a much more complicated movie shot can be done without risking stuff’s lives as well as it can be done with multiple angles without disturbing actors.

Dataviz Final: Drive in Syracuse

Lack of underground public transportation system, buses came once an hour…it seems that driving is one of the main transportation methods in cities like Syracuse. While 95% percent of the American people owns at least one vehicle, a car crash is a major problem that stands in the way of driving safely to home.

In the city of snow, the most concern about driving is the harsh weather itself. But is there truly a correlation between weather conditions and car crashes in Syracuse? By analyzing the data within 2012-2014, total car crashes in Syracuse are 10,237. In this amount of car crashes, 1,024 incidents happened in Snowy weather. The most car crashes happen in clear and cloudy weathers which are 4543 and 2838. Considering road conditions as well, the snowy road conditions make 1210 of the total number of incidents. Snowy weather may have an impact on driving but driving on a sunny day doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention.

Also, there are more car crashes on Thursday and Friday than the rest of the whole week. Within the day, car crashes rise from 7 am. In the morning to 7 pm at night. Also, there is a significant peak after 12 pm at night as well.Taking care when you are on your way to work and drive while you are totally awake. Exhaust driving is one of the main reasons car crash happens. Stay alerted, stay alive.

Time-related car crashes
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Unfortunately, there are 20 fatal car accidents reported in these three years. 3952 incidents of car crashes involve human injury. The most common car crash injuries involve soft tissue injuries, scrapes and cuts, head injuries, chest injuries, arm and leg injuries and burn injuries. Even though modern cars are focusing on passenger safety, it is quite inevitable to get seriously injured. Even though you do survive an accident, the follow ups would be a lot of pain.

word card
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As conclusions, I would like to give some driving tips. Always be awake and conscious about the when and where you are driving. Take care of your car as well as yourself. Be prepared for all road and weather conditions. That’s how you drive in Syracuse as well as in everywhere in the world.

For parking tips of Syracuse. visit


Searchable Charts

I have posted it to my Alexoid blog. Here is the address.

assignment 3 Tony Yao

My chatbot is going to talk a little bit about which we NMM program used to work on. People can get access to the newest content and ask for new updates.


NTNM assignment 2 Tony Yao

During these classes, I have got the opportunity to get in touch with all these latest technologies. What interested me most is computer generated Virtual Reality. By creating a virtual world, it is possible to do things that we cannot do in the real world. Apart from Augmented Reality, computer generated Virtual Reality has a more limited use conditions while can also be used for repeatable purposes such as training and designing.

For my field test, I would like to create a Virtual Reality scene of assembling. I would like to test in the current technology limitation, is it more efficient to use virtual tools as training method or in the real world. Is it possible to create a virtual training program that will not only save actual materials but also time to actually learn something new. My plan is to set up a LEGO building simulation and ask people to do it in the real world as well as doing it in the simulation program. By giving the direction in animation or giving a manual, I want to compare the efficiency of both methods and reach a conclusion on that.

assignment 1 Tony Yao

The 3D model can be used to build things in an effective and more precise way. But currently, it is not as precise as it should be but it is definitely the future.

Final project proposal Tony Yao

The story I would like to tell is going to be car crashes in Syracuse area. Since there is no underground transportation system in Syracuse, driving is one of the major ways of going to other places especially in this area. However, from the previous cell-phone related car crashes assignment, I realize that there may be other factors could also cause car crashes. What I would like to do is to figure out other factors which might cause car crashes such as time or area and get to a complete car accident report of Syracuse.

The data I would use would come from car crashes data from and other open source government databases. Also, I would like to ask local DMV office to see whether there are more recent car crash data available. Lastly, if it is possible, I might try to interview car accident victims to give a more lively story.

The tools I would use would be 1. CartoDB or google map to create a car accident map. 2. A timer in infogr.ams to create a timer indicating car crashes occur in every minute. 3. A high chart to show a relationship between each factor. 4. A sortable table with updated car accident data.

I haven’t found all the geographic data in car crashes and I still have no clue if there are relationships between each cause. Also, I might not get enough updated data from all these sources.

A backup plan will be a fun way to introduce all the factors causing car crashes without geographic data and actual interview. I have already got enough data for the backup plan so that if I can’t find everything I need I can still have a story.


Assignment 6 Tony Yao

In this assignment, I decided to figure out the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions in transportation and total amount.