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Datavia Final Project_Yuanjun Peng

Disney began to release movie in 1930s and has more than 100 movie till now. However, all its most gross generated movie are released after 1995. Since there are hundreds of Disney movie, in this story I will show the most gross generated movies in Disney’s history from 1995 to 2017, and both domestic and international performance of its top 1 movie.

To begin to have an understand what the most gross generated movies are from 1995 till now, let’s see the timeline.

Then,  I did a sortable table to have a more direct and clear understand of their performance in details. In this table, you can see rank, data, genre, total gross and other information of top 20 gross generated movie in Disney’s history.

From the table above, we can see that Star Was Ep. VII: The Force Awakenes is the top 1 gross generated movie with $936,662,225 in Disney’s history. And 2016 is the best performance year for there were 4 out of 20 top gross generated movies. What’s more, series of Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean and Marvel superhero draw most audience.

Let’s have a look how this movie performed in U.S. and outside.Star Was Ep. VII: The Force Awakenes  was on from 12/24/2015 to 6/2/2016, almost half year and generated most revenue from its first moth, especially first two weeks. Then its performance went down and flat.

This movie was on in more than 50 countries and regions outside U.S. From Storymap beneath, you can have a more detailed look of its performance in each country. It had best revenue in U.K, China and Germany. The reason is obvious: U.K is an English speaking country and has similar culture with U.S. ; Germany is the largest economy entity in Europe Continent; Same case for China and it has most potential audience as well.

You also can see this story at:

Dataviz Proposal- Yuanjun Peng

I’m going to tell a story about history box office  for Walt Disney and their top gross-generated movie in history in detail.

At begin, I’d like to use timeline to review what movies they have produced. Then I will use sortable table to show: rank, name, genre, released date(year), total gross and inflation-adjusted gross. Next, I will show released countries of the top gross-generated movie in history via storymap. When comes to details of top 1, I will show domestic performance and international performance by Highcharts.


Data source:

  • The Numbers
  • Box Office Mojo


  1. Timeline
  2. Sortable table
  3. Storymap
  4. Highcharts

Unknowns and things might go wrong: I plan to use vertical timeline to show what movies Disney have released. Since there were so many, it might be lengthiness if I use vertical one, especially showed on web. If it doesn’t looks good in vertical then I will try horizontal timeline.

Assignment 6-Yuanjun Peng

I used linePlusBar in NVD3 examples and made a chart of Frozen box office data. It shows 34 weekly gross and average weekly revenue across all theaters.

The data comes from BoxOfficemojo.

Assignment 5-Yuanjun Peng

I’m interested in child-welfare. Since health issue, especially drinking water is widely concerned, I went to website of UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund’s)and got data from the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation.

NA: data not applicable.
– Data not available at the time of publication.

Assignment 4: Yuanjun Peng

I once worked for CHFS (China Household Finance Survey). Every year they will published reports in terms of different aspects of China Household Finance situations. In 2013, they published income structure in different areas of China.

Assignment 3 Yuanjun Peng

Dr. Guo once was the hospital’s director of Linfen Third People’s Hospital. In 2004 he saved a HIV infected child Taotao and that changed his life and many other HIV infected children’s lives. He founded the first and only Red Ribbon School in China and tried his best to eliminate the unfairness toward education rights of HIV infected children.