Bus Breakdowns in Each NYC Borough by Cause

Connor Fogel

Transportation to and from school in New York City can vary for students in one of the most densely populated cities, so when buses breakdown, the backups affect the students on the buses as well as the traffic around the packed blocked of the city. Although Brooklyn is the most densely populated borough of the city, Queens is the largest city borough, and according to the data, Queens has the most bus breakdowns with students riding compared to the rest.


For this story I found an interesting set of data that explains the causes of bus breakdowns and delays for the past few school years. I narrowed it down to data from this school year and breakdowns to see the most recent data for the different boroughs and how they match up. The main filters I used were the accident type and the boroughs as well as making sure that there were students on the bus because I thought the delays would then effect the students directly in the circumstances of a breakdown, instead of a bus breaking down without any students and they were able to replace the bus.