Business Model Tony


I will be limiting my business plan into an app. Since an AR projecting tool like Hololamp is far beyond my reach since the limited budget, an app of Amazon Echo’s virtual character would be a better choice.

Alexoid is an app that allows you to create your own Amazon Alexa virtual character on your cell phone and see it talking to you with full function of Amazon Echo. I am assuming that my co-founder is capable of developing the app so that we don’t have to spend more on that. The major cost would be a powerful computer as a sunk cost, 3d modeling and voice dubbing.

I plan to release one new character each 2 months. That will increase the 3d modeling cost to 600 dollars which is the cheapest 3d modeling I can find and this will take 50 hours to complete. Also a vocal dubbing will cost 20 dollars a minute which we are thinking of at least 1 hour vocal for each character.

The main contribution will be VIP subscription, DIY object purchase and Vocal package purchase. Customers can get free access to the base function of this app and will have to pay for customization and voice. They might be able to use their favorite character’s voice from movie or film but we can’t afford them for the first year. So this business model is focusing on advertising and attracting people to use this app. A future AR experience can be looking forward to as well.

Alexoid business_model_template