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Lynda Course

The Lynda course of my choosing was “Writing a Resume” because it is my senior year and I’m in the process of applying to jobs.

The course is taught by Stacy Gordon and it helped me to understand how to write an Subjective, which was one of the difficulties I had because I didn’t know what to write or if it was some kind of introduction or not. Now I know that I should write why I am right for the position.

The skill section was a little tricky to me but I followed the course’s advice and wrote bullet points to make it easier to recruit person.

Another part of the course it was helpful it was how to include my education, especially because I’m from Brazil and the education system there was a little bit different than the American system education. But Stacy clarifies that I should just be organized and clear when explaining dates, especially because I haven’t graduated yet.

Final Project

Operation Lava-Jato turned Brazil upside down as almost every politician was involved in the corruption scheme. Below it is a timeline of the first twelve phases of the operation, which today has already 44 phases and it’s still ongoing.


The federal police uncovered the former president of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was one the chiefs of the corruption schemes when they found out a number of properties purchased using the name of shell companies or the former president foundation. Lula was condemned and it is appealing in court because he wants to run for president again later this year. If the Supreme Court rules against him, he will have to serve nine years in jail for the crimes of corruption and money laundering.

In the map below is where the operation has been taking place. Across the states of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and the country’s capital Brasilia


One of the most shocking turns of this operation was the impeachment of president Dilma Rousseff in 2016 as it was orchestrated by her rivals in order to turn the attention to her instead of the many members of Congress that were being investigated and would later be arrested.

Because of the political turmoil the economy has been as unstable as ever. The value of the dollar spiked in 2015 around the time where the investigations got into the heart of Petrobras. In the graph below you can see how unstable the dollar was.


NEW 300 Assignment 8

Unfortunately, the economic situation nowadays is still very much like it was in 2015. The dollar either spikes or goes down depending on new scandals.

Infogram information was taken from Folha de São Paulo.


Assignment 7 – Parkland, Florida

Forty-five minutes.

That’s what it takes from my house in Delray Beach to Marjory Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida. I know this for a fact because one of my best friends lives in the Broward County.



I used the map above to show the locations and how close they are. It makes me wonder as an international student what’s the meaning of safety and the statistics don’t exactly give you peace.

In this graph we can observe some of the deadliest school shootings in the recent years.



NEW300 – Assignment 7

In Brazil, where I’m from, citizens do not have the right to carry or purchase guns and even if it is a third world country, we haven’t had mass shootings in schools the way it happens in the US.

But it seems like now, with so many people, including myself, protesting changes about gun control are starting to happen. According to NBC’s 9News businesses like Hertz, United and Delta Airlines are cutting ties to the NRA (National Rifle Association) in order to support the victims of the shootings.

Also universities around the US are supporting admitted and prospect student who protest.

It’s a small change but at least it’s a change.


Infogram data source:

Assignment 8 – Proposal

For Assignment 8 I’m looking to explain a little bit of the political situation in Brazil right now. Brazil’s been dealing with corruption for quite some time and unfortunately, the world doesn’t know much about it.

A few years ago, an operation by the feds called “Lava-Jato” was conducted and they uncovered money laundering from politicians in high places, for example, the former president of the country was caught in this operation. Billions of Brazilian dollars that were meant to go to Education and Health ended up in politicians pockets.

My idea is to create a timeline explaining the operation. A leaflet map to show where it happened and an Infogram with the general information.

This data is easy to acquire by looking into Brazilian newspapers and websites. The only thing I’ll need to be careful with will be the timeline because the order of facts can be confusing.

At this point, the unknown for me will be the location of where it happened so I can organize my map.

By far there is not plan B because I really believe this can work.

Lynda Requirement – Tiffany Moran

I’ve taken a few web design coding classes before so I am very comfortable with HTML and CSS, however JavaScript has always stumped me a little bit. Although I can do certain and specific functions in JavaScript I never really had a fundamental or core understanding of how or why it works. And when we started getting into more of the JS heavier charts like Highcharts, Tabletop, and NVD3 I figured this was a perfect opportunity to refresh the basics of JS and refresh myself on some of these skills.

So for my Lynda course I did the Javascript Essential Training course which allowed me to get a better grasp on the language and understand what some of the code in these charts were actually doing, rather than just altering an array because I was told to put the data there. I was recognizing variables, loops, and iterations in the code, stuff I would have just glanced over without really understanding it before. This really helped me out with the Tabletop and NVD3 assignments in particular because I felt like I was able to complete them quicker thanks to a better understanding of the code. I knew what I had to change to make my version of the chart appear, and if something went wrong I was able to figure out how to fix it because of my grasp on the language.

Overall it was an interesting course and maybe with some more practice/confidence I’ll give altering the JS more of a try and play around with that aspect of it without messing anything up too much!

Assignment 7: Make a map with Leaflet

In class we started going through the tutorial on the Leafletjs site about how to create a simple map with points, placemarkers, polygons and more. You can review the tutorial again here:

Find a story in the news today, or from something in history, in which location played a role. Create your own map using Leafletjs to illustrate one or more places where the story took place. Upload and embed the HTML into a blog post where you recount the details of the story and then use the map as a way to illustrate the geographical information in the story.


Security Level and Facilities by Crime in New York State

Back in January, the New York State data site released the data of facilities around the state separating it by crime and security level.

The table below shows a brief example of the data and how the crimes vary depending on the facility.


Here’s a comparative between maximum level facilities in the Central New York region.




Most Academy Awards Nominations

The Academy Awards is perhaps the most important celebration of movies, actors and filmmakers. Every year, the world turn its attention to the ceremony and red carpet in order to find out more about their favorite actors.

But the Oscars does not happen without a pinch of controversy. In 2017 the ceremony was heavily criticized for its lack of diversity, something that has already changed this year. This year we have the first woman nominated for “Best Cinematography” and Meryl Streep breaking her own record of nominations.

According the Academy Awards official website, Meryl Streep and Katherine Hepburn are the most nominated actresses of all time.



Also this year we can turn on the red carpet guilt free as relevant questions are being asked instead of the futile, “Who are you wearing?”

The origins of Carnaval in Brazil: A Timeline

The month of February means something different for Brazilians. While North American freezes due to the winter, South America celebrates summer. Carnaval is perhaps the most celebrated holiday in Brazil. It’s a time where people come together no matter their politics, gender and race. It’s a party and everybody’s welcome to join in.

Some say if you’d like to go to Brazil, you should go around this time. As a Brazilian, I couldn’t agree more. To enlighten my American friends, classmates and professors, here’s a brief timeline of the history of Carnaval.


Titanic Survival Rates: Gender

The Titanic is perhaps the most famous maritime disaster in the world. A lot has been said about the survival rates of the shipwreck like how many lifeboats were available and whether the crew took too long to act.

A study conducted by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the US (PNAS) found why the number of women and children that survived were superior in comparison to other shipwrecks.

The crew on the Titanic followed the Women and Children First rule therefore increasing the number of surviving females and children as observed in the graphs below.



NEW300 – Assignment 2