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Josué Muñoz – PRD & Pitch Deck

Viducation seeks to engage students across all socioeconomic situations to collaborate and problem-solve as they put basic storytelling principles to use with the technology they have available. The product  will engage users online in a digital community and also travel and interact on a personal level with the basic Viducation Workshop template





Ratick: PRD and Pitchdeck

SportsVR SportsVR Final Product Plan


The app idea that I created is called Gear VR Sports. That’s a working title, as we’ve thought of VR Sports as well. It’s a series of apps that would exist on the Samsung Galaxy that would be compatible with Samsung’s Gear VR. Each app would contain lifestreams of each game in that particular sport. So there would be individual apps for NFL, MLB, NBA, etc. I have detailed our objective and how we can succeed in a competitive market in my pitch deck and final product plan attached to this post.

Chavez_ PRD & Pitch Deck



The app I created my PRD and Pitch Deck for is called ReciMe. The app is focused towards millennials. It gives users the option to choose the ingredients and foods they already have in their homes and from that matches or generates recipes users can cook. All of the recipes can be made in about 30 minutes. They are quick and easy to follow. They can also share the recipes they’ve made on social media platforms. They also have user profiles and they can save their favorite recipes.

Business Model Spreadsheet


Expressions website – Ratick

At first, I struggled to figure out how to start by website using expressions. With the help of Professor Pacheco, I was off and running. I found that WordPress is a fairly simple site to navigate. Much easier than Wix, the site I am currently using the build my professional website.

It’s very easy to edit your site with WordPress. Making new pages and adding content was much simpler than I anticipated. It was easy to add a SoundCloud plugin, which I used to add my audio clips. I think if I spend more time with this program, I could make a really solid website. Thank you for showing us how to use WordPress! I hope I’ll be able to efficiently finalize my personal site without the help of others now that I have my feet wet making sites with WordPress.



Had trouble bringing up the Instagram plug-in. Really interested in expanding just suffering of a lack of time

Virtual Ride: North Salina Street by Flourish & Shubhika


We are both broadcast journalism students, and we wanted to test how we could use new technology in covering stories. Our field test is on a story in the Syracuse area using the Ricoh Theta S device. The story we covered is about showing the reality of a poorer side of Syracuse. A recent report revealed that Syracuse has the highest rate of extreme poverty among blacks and Hispanics in the United States. We wanted to test if we could actually tell a story through 360 video to give our viewers an immersive experience of what these neighborhoods look like.


360 video can be used to tell feature stories but will be difficult to use in covering breaking news. The technology will allow viewers to experience feature stories in a new way. In broadcast journalism, the reporter chooses what the viewer sees by selecting the shots to use in the package, but with 360 video, the viewer can be virtually present in the story. The audience can choose what to focus on and experience the whole environment for themselves.


For out test, we used the Ricoh Theta S ($350) and the Sunpak 6700m Monopod ($20).

Field Test & Results

First, we rented a Zipcar with a sunroof, so we could record the video from the top of the car to provide a 360 view of the street. The videos were easy to record; however, it was difficult to control because we could not see what we were recording. We tried using the Ricoh Theta S app, but it did not work because we did not have Wifi connection which was needed. Shubhika wanted to see if it was possible to conduct an interview using the Richo Theta S. It worked well because the viewer is present and can choose to look at the interviewer and interviewee. The audience is drawn to the voices and can locate the direction of them. It was easy to put the video together because the Ricoh Theta S app stitches the video for you. We used Final Cut to edit the different clips together and add background music.

Here is the video that resulted:


Our mission was accomplished, and we discovered that 360 video would work well for covering some stories. We thought that for interviewing it was a very interactive experience and can be used in broadcast journalism. However, the quality of video and audio produced by the Richo Theta S was quite low and cannot be used in an actual news station.

Field Test — Siyu Liu

  • Must have a media focus.

The media focus of my field test is to use public available satellite images to tell    stories. I’ll be requesting satellite images of Onondaga Lake and to inspect its    surrounding vegetation and environment in general.

  • State a hypothesis for how a technology could be used to tell a story in a new way.

Telling stories from space using satellite images produced by NASA’s satellites is       still very new, but has been recognized by many new organizations around the         world. The aerial images contain a lot of information and journalists have to be         able to tell the difference from those images over time.

    This new way of storytelling is also known as remote sensing, meaning as                 different satellites scan the globe, they gather a variety of information, this data    gathering process is called remote sensing. Although using satellite images is a    new concept for journalists, scientists have been using this method for a long time.

  • Come up with a plan of action.

For every data story, getting the data is important. As a result, my first step is to find and request the satellite images.

After I got the images, I’ll process them and start to look for the difference from different dates those images were taken.

The last step is to find out the reasons of the differences, such as vegetation decrees or increase.

  • Carry out the test.

The process didn’t go as well as I thought for several reasons.

  1. The websites where most of the data stored are hard to navigate. It’s understandable as the majority of their audience are scientists. It took me a while to figure out what each abbreviations mean and different satellites take different pictures for the same location.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.28.20 PM


  1. Downloading the images was a surprise challenge for me. In the beginning, I thought as long as I figured out what images I wanted, I should be fine. Wrong! Unlike downloading images from Google, downloading satellite images from USGS is different. I had to add the images I wanted to a list and send the list to a cart, the images can only be viewed or download from the cart.


Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.34.31 PM


  • Report back on how it went. Include photos and results (embedded or otherwise) in your post.

The problem I’m having now is that the satellite images are not clear and zoomed. After some researching, I found out by using some command-line tools, the images can be processed to show clear views.

For more pictures:


The Future of the Cellphone and Wearable Devices – Field Test Rasheeda Davis

Technology is simplifying  the way we approach creating media content.  The various technologies we experimented with over the past five weeks are innovative and have reshaped my perspective of how we will communicate in future. In the near future, I envision the work environment being filled with devices similar devices we’ve used. Especially devices, like the Google Hololens, that merge reality and virtual reality.

As an inspiring public relations practitioner, the main section of this course that I envisioned being implemented into my profession is the Apple Watch. I envision in twenty years, the cellphone will be replaced by watches similar to the Apple Watch. I decided to test the practicality of using the Apple Watch for a day instead of using a cellphone. I decided to test it out and have a friend of mine test it out as well. I decided to devote 5 hours to only using the Apple Watch instead of my phone.


Apple Watch

I phone 6


I believe that I will be able to comfortably read my text messages and check emails. I will able to keep stats of my workout and effectively communicate with others faster.


Overall, I did not enjoy using the Apple Watch instead of my cellphone. The screen is significantly smaller than the screen of a cellphone which made it harder for me to read text because I have poor vision. One thing, I did enjoy was having quick access to my text messages and being able easily view my workout stats. It was difficult responding to my emails. I am completely aware the watch was not designed to replace the cellphone but I envision in a few years newer models will. I included a testimonial video of my friends experience. His experience was very similar to mine. Through this experience, I have realized that the wearable devices have a while to go before being implemented into everyday use.


Based upon this experience, I would not currently replace my I Phone  with the Apple Watch. I was inspired by the movie Spy Kids. I remember the characters in the film had watches that allowed them to talk, look up information, and video chat. At that time, that seemed unrealistic to me. I believe within the next 15 years this will be possible and watches will replace cellphones.




Srosh Anwar – Field Test with Drones in North Syracuse

I wanted to do my field test with drones because I think it is an amazing tools for journalists to capture video and photos from an unusual perspective.


I wanted to shoot something meaningful and I drove around Syracuse area to find an interesting place to shoot. During my research I found a couple of very interesting things including a mud boil at Onandaga Lake and an SU professor creating Lava on campus. However I was not able to shoot the mud boil because it was prohibited to film there. The professor creating Lava allowed me to shoot but due to some technical issues that didn’t happen.


Shoot Site:

I decided to do my drone shoot in North Syracuse which is a bustling city center with a very diverse population. Currently there are almost 12,000 current and former refugees settled in Syracuse. Only last year more than 1000 came and settled in Syracuse. During the last two semester I worked on a beat for refugees in Syracuse and I found out that most of newly arrived refugees arrive in the North Side. Some come there because they already have family there and some come here because their case workers rent their house in that area.


On one hand because of the refugee population the area is becoming very diverse and international grocery stores and food places are popping up. Last summer a local church was bought and converted into a mosque – which was a big controversy.


It is a great side to see so many cultures brought together and people walking in traditional clothes however you can’t help noticing how shabby and run down those places are. You can feel the putrid air when you enter some of the houses with roofs which are about to cave in. You can’t help feeling the contrast from the other wealthier part of Syracuse – with some people not even aware of that area. Just recently a law suit was filed against a landlord on Butternut Street because of dangerous living conditions of the building.


On The Field:

I wanted to film and photograph North Syracuse from the drone to compare and contrast it with rest of the Syracuse. Kyle found a park near Butternut Street to shoot from. We used a Freely Alta with a Movi M5 gimbal and a Nikon D800 camera. Kyle was operating the drone while the photographer was controlling the camera through another remote. Freely Alta is a powerful drone with the ability soar really high. We were able to have a bird eye view of whole North Syracuse area.


Lessons Learnt:


  • I wanted to show the life in North Syracuse. The streets are busier than other part of the Syracuse. The Streets and houses are very shabby and run down. However, our footage could not portray that – everything looked very beautiful. So I realized that drone footage could be deceptive. Or I could have rather used a zoom lens as compared to a wide angle lens for shooting.
  • Drone is best for architectural photography – we shot a few pictures of Masjid Eesa in North Syracuse – which was a part of huge controversy last year because it used to be a church. The pictures of the church came out great.
  • Although drone is a great tool for journalists but still it is hard to get access and permission to shoot at most places.


Little Mo Apartments on Butternut Street. The residents recently filed a case against the landlord because of the bad condition of the building

Little Mo Apartments on Butternut Street. The residents recently filed a case against the landlord because of the bad condition of the building

The church building in North Syracuse which was converted into a mosque

The church building in North Syracuse which was converted into a mosque