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Top 10 Fortune 500 Companies by Profit

Walmart sits atop the latest Fortune 500 list, but its profits do not match those of Apple who sits at third on the list. Apple is at the top of the list when it comes to most profitable with $45,687 million. Although Apple’s iPhone has not seen the same number of sales since its peak in 2015 with 231.22 unit sales in millions, it still has the largest profit margin of any company.

Below is a chart showing the top 10 Fortune 500 companies by profit in millions.

I did struggle trying to get rid of the scroll bar in the chart. No matter how much I adjust the height in the embed code, the scroll bar still stays in the post.

How Far Educational Attainment Has Come in the Last 20 Years: The U.S.

Divya Murthy, Assignment 6

Asians/Pacific Islanders have attained the highest rates of college education among race groups in the U.S., beating out the numbers in the white and black populations from 1995 to 2016.

The number of people over the age of 25 grew from 23 percent of the population in 1995 to 33 percent in 2016. Over these years, Asians/Pacific Islanders with bachelor’s degree level of education stood higher than the white or black populations. The proportion of Asians/Pacific Islanders with bachelor’s degrees also grew faster than the other two groups in the 20 year time period: it grew by nearly 17 percent.

Among the three, the black population has the slimmest share of education up to or greater than a bachelor’s degree. The pace of growth in educational attainment, however, is close to that of the white population: the number of white people with a college education grew by almost 12 percent and for black people, by 10.2 percent.

The racial gap in education between minority populations like blacks and Hispanics and the white population has been documented before and the minority populations, while as likely to enroll in college as their white peers, lag behind in graduating from college. We can use this data to chart where educational attainment among the U.S. population needs to change or improve and to analyze whether different sections of the population are getting a fair chance for a college education.


Source: Data World, National Center for Education Statistics

Mets Gear up for Spring Training Opener — CB Garrett Assignment 7

With the Mets signing Jason Vargas this weekend, their roster for the 2018 season is pretty much set. Now it is time to get Spring Training under way. The first Spring Training game of the season gets under way this week on Friday, February 23rd against the Atlanta Braves, the first of 31 games they will play before Opening Day on March 28th against the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Mets game on Friday will be in Port St. Lucie Florida, their home for Spring Training and where their Single A affiliate St. Lucie Mets play during the season. Port St. Lucie’s location in Florida can be seen below

The Mets play their Spring Training games at First Data Field and will have 17 home games during the course of the 2018 Spring Training slate. They will have four home games against the 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros and one against the rival New York Yankees. You can see the location of First Data Field within Port St. Lucie below.

The Mets look to get back to the playoffs after missing last year for the first time since 2014. They added Jay Bruce, Jason Vargas, Anthony Swarzak and Todd Frazier as they hope to get back to the World Series as they did in 2015. To do so they will need a healthy starting rotation, something they haven’t has since that season. Their tuneup games will start Friday with their last appearance at First Data Field coming on March 25th.

For tickets to Spring Train, go to, or by calling 772-871-2115.


Assignment 6 – NVD3 Visualization

Jennifer Castro

The chart below compares the number of adult arrests in Bronx County to the number of crimes reported there from 2006 to 2016. Straight from the New York Data site, an adult arrest is defined as an arrest of a person 16 years old or older or a juvenile offender prosecuted in adult court.

With a population of close to 1.5 million, Bronx county is a large area within New York.

What is puzzling is that the number of adult arrests decreases dramatically from 2011 onward, but the number of crimes reported stays relatively stagnant within that time frame, and even increases a bit. Most of the time, the number of arrests is at least twice as much as the number of crimes reported. My only logical thought for the reasoning regarding this is that people were most likely busted in groups (or mainly more than one person), which increases the number of arrests. Depending on how “reporting” is defined, if this number does not include what police officers see and investigate first, it would make sense that the number of crimes reported is lower (i.e. them catching someone speeding). Another thing to point out is that this chart represents only crimes that were reported to police and not total crimes that occurred.

This information matters for many reasons. With this, police departments can analyze crime rates over the years as well as how they have done relating to arrests. Others can utilize this data to increase different parts of safety precautions around high-crime areas and better prepare police forces as well. At least in Bronx County, it is promising that the amount of adult arrests has decreased within the last few years, and hopefully that trend continues.

Information on the ‘arrests’ portion of the chart can be found here.

Information on the ‘crimes reported’ portion of the chart can be found here.

Stock Markets able to Rebound from Turbulent Weeks– CB Garrett Assignment 6

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 had been turned into a tailspin creating extreme market volatility over the past few weeks. This was due to rising interest rates, among other factors. But the two biggest US Market indexes have been able to make a near full recovery towards the end of the week. After reaching a yearly low of 23,860 on February 8th, the Dow has rebounded back up over 25,200. This is still off of the the Dow’s yearly high of just over 26,500, but the Dow is now back up for the year overall and was able to make up close to 1500 points over the last week.

The markets will reopen on Monday and try to continue the rebound after being up four of five days last week. It will be a critical period as the market tries to climb back towards the yearly high and provide more confidence to consumers.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Peak Players: Rainbow Six vs. Counter Strike

For as long as anyone cares to remember, Counter Strike in its various incarnations has been the dominant shooter game on PC’s. It’s been around for quite a while, tracing it’s lineage back to a 1999 mod of Valve’s Half Life. The basic gameplay formula is one that’s been copied time and again since it first hit the scene—players attempt to kill each other and complete and objective with only a single life per round. Once you get killed, you’re benched until the round is won by either team.

One of the more recent, and certainly one of the more popular of Counter Strike’s derivatives is Rainbow Six: Siege, a game which uses similar mechanics with a modern flair. With class-based gameplay and more movement and equipment options for the player, Rainbow Six: Siege has acquired a significant following. Counter Strike’s significance can be attributed largely to it’s longevity. It has always been one of the most highly played games on PC. Very few shooters last the way Counter Strike has, but Rainbow Six: Siege might be gunning for the throne. In the two years since it’s release, Rainbow Six: Siege has seen a tremendous increase in peak players on Steam, and publisher Ubisoft recently stated that the game was a 10-year commitment for them. There are currently no plans for a sequel, and the game’s playerbase enjoys regular and significant updates and content packs.

Herein I compare the peak players over time of Rainbow Six: Siege and Counter Strike: Global Offensive from Siege’s launch in December of 2015 to the approximate now.

The largest generators of employment in New York State

Since 2012 till 2015, this data provides the numbers of jobs by industry in the State of New York.

From a dataset of a larger number of industries, the top five that provided more job positions were Government in the first place, followed by the Healthcare and social assistance. Another important source of jobs were the retail trade, the accommodation and food services, and the professional-technical services.

All of them in total provided more than 5 million jobs during that time.

It was interesting to know that Government and Healthcare were the first employ generator, which remains stable over the years.


Demographics of NYC by Zip Code

I found a data set that displayed different demographic data of each NYC zip code. This interested me because I wanted to see the different demographic trends of each area. I edited to chart to display the different ethnicities of each zip code. Then, I uploaded the CSV file to convert it to a JSON array. I input this information to sublime text and viewed my site. No matter how many times I edited or ensured I kept the original formatting the same, the bars will not appear. However the numbers and the key both changed to fit my data!

Assignment 6-NVD3

Delving deeper into the Opioid Crisis, this graph shows a correlation between deaths from Opioids and rising prescription doses. The data was narrowed down to show deaths only caused by Opioid prescriptions to get the most accurate representation. The other data provided shows the increase in average daily supply per prescription. Taking an opioid for more than 3 months, even at low doses, increases the risk of addiction by 15 times.

If you are experiencing acute pain, three days or less of Opioids is often enough, and its rare that more than seven days is ever necessary. Many alternative options are available, such as pain medicines like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and naproxen, as well as physical therapy and exercise. Its extremely important to understand the risks before beginning an Opioid prescription.