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Assignment 1

Though I have been to the Makerspace a few times and knew that it had a 3D printer in it, getting a full tour opened my eyes up to (free) and endless opportunities offered. Scanning and modifying and printing people and scenes seems like it could be of particular use to the design, architecture, and gaming industries. Having the ability to accurately scan rooms allows for near perfect renditions of scenes for gaming. Being able to modify what you scanned enhances game designers and architectural designers ability to create realistic and practical settings. After clicking through some of the chrome experiments, it seems like an entirely new art form has emerged from the growth in 3D programing. The models ability to play tricks on your eyes is of particular interest to me and I actually found that I had a visceral reaction to many of the experiments on Chrome Experiments.  My abstraction of my print out isn’t all that abstract but I thought it would be cool to have an army of sorts, of myself. It is like a modern day terracotta warrior scene. Maybe I could change my outfit and hair and could have different versions of myself all around! I think the file is too big for tinkercad to export so I uploaded a few of the models to Sketchfab and then took a screen shot of what my tinkercad scene looked like.

Assignment 2- Edwards

Star Trek predicted the cell phone. They were called ‘communicators’ in the series, but they are essentially the cordless (“landline-less”) cell phone of today. Here’s a video of them using it in the original series: Due to copyright violations, there’s no audio but you get the idea without it!

3D video interests me the most. I have been intrigued by the New York Times’ use of it recently. When we first learned how to use it in class, I was amazed by how simple the videos were to produce! I envisioned a much more involved approach than simply pressing a button to record. I thought you had to rotate the camera at the very least! Because of this, it’s my favorite technology.

I intend on using it in my field test. Originally, I was thinking about getting video of vacant homes in Syracuse, but then thought that may be a bit stagnant. BUT they are constantly doing demolition on these homes, so I wanted to do a ‘before and after’ or contrast the eery ‘nothing-ness’ of one vacant home with the intense energy of a demolition of another. Either way, these homes have great potential for video that the average person doesn’t typically get a behind-the-scenes perspective on.

Personal Project Proposal – Elena DeLuccia

I hope that I can show the issues that women face in the entertainment industry regarding the wage gap, sexism and other challenges. I’ll highlight women working behind the scenes, women onscreen as well as female critics in the film spectrum.

I plan on using data acquired San Diego State’s Center for the Study of Women in Film & Television, Forbes, Entertainment Weekly, and Variety to put together charts through Highcharts, infographics through infogram, as well as an interactive chart through nvd3. Each will show the three different aspects of the industry that I mentioned.

I have written a personal essay to go along with the data, which also provides more factual info. This would be more of a personal piece with journalistic aspects.


Assignment 6 – Elena DeLuccia

With the failure of Republicans to pass a new healthcare plan, I thought it would be interesting to see how Obamacare has helped the population with insurance overall. I took the population census’ from 2011-2015 and then took the average of those populations (they were listed per month) and compared them with the percentage of uninsured Americans to get a final number for the total uninsured.

I think this chart shows the significant amount that the number of uninsured Americans has dropped and how much Obamacare has helped to get Americans insured.


Personal Project Proposal – Carla Caban

For my final project I want to do a story about the death penalty in the United States. I want to take a closer look at how public opinion has changed back and forth throughout the years. I also want to show which states have the death penalty and which of them have used it the most. In addition I plan of showing the reasons why people might be for or against the death penalty as well as the cost of it versus life imprisonment.

For this story I would need to obtain the history of the death penalty in the United States and maybe even compare it to other countries, the number of people for and against it throughout the years, data on states and how many times they have made death row executions as well as gathering data about costs across different states on the death penalty versus life imprisonment.

For this story, I plan on using resources given to me in my Political Science class, The Judicial Process, and adapt that into data visualization. There are a few other websites that provide a lot of information and numbers that I can use to put together my story. I am thinking of using Timeline.js. to showcase the history of the death penalty. For the data on different states I plan on using highcharts and then show all of the data on a searchable sort table. For the rest of the data I find I will plan on using different kinds of tables from highcharts or

Some unknowns might be sorting what information could be biased and what is not. Many of the website that provide information generally lean towards one side so I would really need to look at various publications and websites to clear that out. If things go wrong I plan on hopping into or another tool in order to improve or fix my problem and at the same time learn a new skill and improve the design of my project.

assignment 1 Tony Yao

The 3D model can be used to build things in an effective and more precise way. But currently, it is not as precise as it should be but it is definitely the future.

Project Proposal Edwards

I am hoping to tell the story of Donald Trump’s first few months of his Presidency. I am going to highlight the most significant topics of conversation: Russian hacking scandal, Trump’s Twitter habits, and his favorability ratings.

I plan on using data acquired from the NYTimes to put together a timeline on Timeline.js. The timeline will show how the Russian scandal has progressed. I would also look at Trump’s Twitter followers since that has been his main method of getting information out to the country. I will use Mapbox to show how they are geographically distributed in the US. Finally, I will visualize his favorability ratings using Infogram. This data will be collected from RealClearPolitics.

There aren’t too many unknowns other than never having used Mapbox. I will need to educate myself on how to create maps through this new site! If this doesn’t work out, my plan B would be to use Google Maps since I am very well acquainted with it. Then, I would watch a Lynda tutorial that would help me improve one of the other two visualizations to satisfy the ‘learning a new skill on my own’ requirement.

Assignment 6 : Mahima Singh

With Rupert SandersGhost in the shell getting mixed reviews because fans kept comparing it to the original anime, I decided to do a comparison of anime with their live action counterparts.

I took the ratings from IMDB  and plotted it in this mixed bar chart.

The data entry into the JS code was easy enough, but formatting the original chart after that was a nice challenge.

I experimented with D3’s categorical colors and the charts’ axis formatting by writing a function of my own to make sure the ‘Rating” axis didn’t read negative values.


If you are familiar with pop culture and know a little bit about good cinema then you will know that James Wong’s white-washed adaptation of Dragon ball Z, Dragon ball Evolution was one of the worst live action remakes of any anime ever. So it is no surprise that Dragon Ball Evolution has the worst rating.

What is surprising to me is that Sailor Moon’s live adaptation (tv series) got the closest rating to its anime version. The Sailor Moon anime is a tough act to follow. But according to IMDB ratings, it looks like ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon’ comes close enough.

Another obvious trend is the high ratings of the phenomenally successful anime, Death Note. While the anime did a little better, the film came pretty close and I say this from experience. Shûsuke Kaneko’s 2006 Death Note, had its pitfalls but it was a good movie. I doubt Netflix’s adaptation, set to release in August this year, will be able to live up to the hype. But we can only wait.

Here is a list of live action films (based on popular anime) in the making. Some names like Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan have a lot riding on them because of their incredible fan base.


Final Project Proposal- Ellie Haines

For my final project, I want to outline the music industry. First, I will be sorting each genre of music and seeing how many artists/bands identify with the genre. Then I will be ranking them by popularity and so forth. I want to include a timeline of when these genres were recognized as a category of music. In order to visualize this data I plan on using infogram, highcharts and timeline to help tell this story. I have already started to gather data regarding the timeline and the popularity. It will be cool to see if some bands/ artists identify with one or more different types of genres and find some unknown subcategories of larger genres. My hope is that my project will make the music industry look more simple than it is. I don’t want to just focus on top 100 songs or most popular artists because we all know that. There are many more genres that I can incorporate as well like folk, indie, alternative, jazz ect.

Final project proposal Tony Yao

The story I would like to tell is going to be car crashes in Syracuse area. Since there is no underground transportation system in Syracuse, driving is one of the major ways of going to other places especially in this area. However, from the previous cell-phone related car crashes assignment, I realize that there may be other factors could also cause car crashes. What I would like to do is to figure out other factors which might cause car crashes such as time or area and get to a complete car accident report of Syracuse.

The data I would use would come from car crashes data from and other open source government databases. Also, I would like to ask local DMV office to see whether there are more recent car crash data available. Lastly, if it is possible, I might try to interview car accident victims to give a more lively story.

The tools I would use would be 1. CartoDB or google map to create a car accident map. 2. A timer in infogr.ams to create a timer indicating car crashes occur in every minute. 3. A high chart to show a relationship between each factor. 4. A sortable table with updated car accident data.

I haven’t found all the geographic data in car crashes and I still have no clue if there are relationships between each cause. Also, I might not get enough updated data from all these sources.

A backup plan will be a fun way to introduce all the factors causing car crashes without geographic data and actual interview. I have already got enough data for the backup plan so that if I can’t find everything I need I can still have a story.