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Assignment 8 – How much is Google worth?

A lot. A lot a lot. Billions and billions of dollars. Sure, Google has pretty much been the dominant search engine force since the early 2000s, but its value only really started to take off in the late 2000s due in part to the release and subsequent widespread adoption of the Google line of products like Gmail, the Android operating system, and Google Docs as well as the acquisition of Youtube. That growth continued with the release of other Google products like Google Play and Google Drive as well as Google’s investment in hardware like the Nexus tablet and increasing sales from Android OS. In addition to all of the tangible revenue earners, Google consistently maintains some share of the public spotlight due to its various Google X projects like driverless cars, Google Glass, and probably things that Google hasn’t even told the public yet.

Google’s stock prices and liquid cash assets reflect this large jump in growth in the late 2000s and the relatively stable growth since then. The stocks took a significant hit in the recession, but shortly bottomed-out and stabilized before starting shaky growth. Google reached its pre-recession value in 2010 and has more or less maintained that stock price since then. Running concurrently with that, Google’s liquid assets more than tripled from the end of 2007 to the end of 2013, an enormous growth for any company, especially one of this magnitude.

-Jake Cappuccino

A8: Correlation between iPhone Sales and Apple Stock Prices

Since Steve Jobs death in 2011, Apple has faced intense criticism from both the public and the investor community. The biggest question on everyone’s mind: can Apple survive without Jobs?

While Apple has received flack for sitting on piles of cash and being unable to innovate, the company’s stock price seems unphased.  iPhone sales in Q1 were through the roof with the release of the iPhone6 and iPhone6+. In Q1, apple sold 74.47 million iPhones. That’s 23.44 million more than Q1 last year.

Below is a graph that cross references iPhone sales with Apple stock prices to examine the correlation between the two. The numbers pulled are from market close at the end of each quarter since 2007, when the iPhone was introduced.

Something to note, this graph adjusts for Apple’s 7-1 stock split in Q3 of 2014.



Want to see more? Find the original data for iPhone sales and stock prices.

Assignment 8: Eunice Kim

I chose facts from National Center for Education Statistics in order to discover the most popular major in United States and what their numerical data is. I illustrated this data by using bar graph in order to best show the differences in popularity within top majors.

The reason why I chose this topic because I wanted to research the relationship between the most frequently obtained majors and fastest growing/most demanded industry right now.


Assignment 8: NVD3

By Stephanie Ann

It’s no lie that New York City is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the entire world. In a city of NYC-size, there’s an expectation of a good number of entertainment options — restaurants, bars, clubs, theaters — with available alcohol to sell and NYC is no exception.

In order to serve alcohol, however, the establishment needs to register with the state and apply for a liquor license. A license is granted based on the type of business that wants to sell alcohol and what kinds of alcohol it wants to sell. With a city the size of New York, this means there’s a lot of variation in the types of licenses granted.

Below is a graph of the licenses granted to businesses in New York City, separated by the license class (the type of business plus the type of alcohol sold).

As you can see, the most popular liquor license classes are Class 122 (Grocery Store Beer) and Class 252 (On-Premises Liquor).

The data was found on this website, which also names the different liquor license categories that correspond with each license class.

Assignment 8: NVD3

By Jessica Iannetta

The rising cost of college tuition has long been an important topic of debate in higher education. College costs have risen since the ’80s and continued to increase during the last decade. Between 2001–02 and 2011–12, prices for undergraduate tuition, room, and board at public institutions rose 40 percent, and prices at private nonprofit institutions like Syracuse University rose 28 percent, according to the NCES.

But despite the rise in cost, the number of degrees these colleges are giving out still continues to rise. The number has consistently risen since the ’80s and in 2011, 1,701,046 degrees were awarded by colleges, according to the NCES.

Assignment 8 – Yahui Li

Which one is the most popular?

These eight films are released on November. I tracked all these eight films’ box offices by the middle of February. From the chart,obviously The Hunger Game: Mockingjay is the winner which earned 335 millions dollars followed by Big Hero 6 and Interstellar in the second and third place.

Assignment 8 – Mengqian Song

Percentage change in sales value of pet food and accessories in selected European countries in 2014, by country.


This statistic shows the percentage change in sales of pet food and accessories in selected European countries for the 12 month period ending March 30, 2014. In Spain, pet food and accessory sales grew by 6.5 percent, the biggest sales growth out of all the given countries. Italy is next country which has large sales in pet food and accessories industry. Netherlands and Germany have negative sales growth.

Source:@ Statista 2015

Assignment 8: Ferguson

The way in which we view movies has dramatically changed in the last decade. With the rise of tablets and online streaming services many consumers have dramatically reduced the amount of time they spend going to a physical theatre. Yet as you can see below while the number of tickets sold annually has been on a steady decline the revenue movie theaters have made has continued to rise along with the price of tickets.

As  theaters continue to make improvements to the movie going experience it will be interesting to see weather or not they reach a breaking point in the rising cost of tickets and whether or not they can continue to compete with the convenience of online streaming.



Assignment 8 -He Yang

NFL_Logo NFL_twitter

The 2015 NFL Super Bowl has past only two weeks. This was my first time watched American football game. I did a little bit research on the numbers of  twitter followers of some football players have. Obvious, Reggie Bush from Detroit Lion has the most Twitter followers (2.99 million), and Robert Griffin III from Washington Redskins has the least Twitter followers (1.23 million).To my surprise that NFL star Tom Brady from New England Patriots is not on the list.

When I created this table, I did some HTML codings such as adding the title of the chart and creating a link directly to the data source website.

Assignment 8 – Lindsey Silverman

Brands are constant trying to figure out the mystery of social media, and how to use sites such as Facebook and Twitter to their advantage. Many turn to articles such as 7 Ways to Use Social Media to Build Stunning Brands and How Should Your Brand Capitalize on Social Media, but few can execute these strategies authentically and find value in these social networks.

A goal behind many social media strategies is to have an “Oreo Moment” and blend seamlessly into the real world conversation. And, of course, gain millions of fans all around the world.

I wanted to see which brands were actually succeeding in the world of social media. Here is a list of the leading product brands with the most fans on Facebook in February 2015 (in millions).