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Jake’s Labor Day Weekend


Jake and dog conquer Green Lakes trails.

  • We hiked
  • We snacked
  • We swam

Keith’s Uneventful Weekend

Keith’s Uneventful Weekend

What I did this weekend:

Dan Pacheco’s Labor Day Weekend

Dan Pacheco’s Awesome Site

This is a bold piece of text.

My first paragraph.

For my Labor Day Weekend, I did the following awesome things:

  • Graded assignments from the Data Visualization class I teach.
  • Drank some beer.
  • Ran a 5K at the New York State Fair (but not after drinking beer.)

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Create Infographics

This is a map.

View Golden Snowball Cities in a larger map

Test from blockspring

Just trying out a new infographic tool.

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Assignment 4: Immigration population_percent change _by state

Unauthorized Immigration is one of the most controversial and debatable issues in the United States political landscape. Here’s mapping out states that have shown a considerable shift in the number of unauthorized immigrants over the past decade. Florida and Georgia stand out for different reasons. Florida is the only state that has shown a decline in the unauthorized population while Georgia‚Äôs population has nearly doubled.

Which Farmers Markets in NY Accept Food Stamps?

I had a hard time finding good data at short notice, but I finally got some good data to visualize. The dark dots do accept SNAP, and the lighter ones don’t. Clicking on each on will show you its location and when it’s open.