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John Tummino Assignment 4

Mapping all Cities with Populations of 500,000 People or Greater:

Georeferencing the Most Populated Areas of New Jersey:

New Hampshire Election Results:

Assignment 4: CartoDB

1. Populated Cities in New England

2. Georeferencing Upstate NY Cities

[edit – removed due to hitting CartoDB table limits]

3. New Hampshire Presidential Election Results 2008

Assignment 4: Cartodb Tutorials

Creating a Visualization: Most Densely Populated Regions (5 Million Plus) at Night:



Georeference: Bridgeport, CT:



New Hampshire Election Results:


Assignment 3: Travel on the I-81 Viaduct

For a couple of years now, the decaying state of Interstate 81 through Syracuse has drawn numerous studies, concerns and hopeful solutions. Like the highway itself, these problems are splitting Syracuse in half –– one group wants to remove the viaduct altogether, in favor of other, possibly more favorable options; the second wants to repair the road outright.

The city recently brought more information to light. If it was to deconstruct the bridge and replace it with a tunnel the cost might be even greater. But that isn’t stopping numerous groups from seeking alternatives.

The chart below shows the traffic patterns on the viaduct as it stands now. A camera was placed on either end (one just south of the I-481 interchange, the other north of Exit 17 on the Southside) to capture the license plates of passing vehicles. The cameras captured about 86 percent of the total vehicles using the viaduct on a weekday in April.

As the graph shows, only about 12 percent of the 44,000 daily travelers are  using the viaduct to travel through Syracuse. The other 38,600 are entering or exiting the highway at Exit 18 on Harrison and Adams Streets.

These numbers have frequently been used to advocate on behalf of the group that wants the viaduct gone. The city has seen the numbers, and the handful of alternate routes around the city suggest that turning the viaduct into a level boulevard would not only keep traffic flowing smoothly, but also allow overspill traffic to ignite local businesses. This is an enticing possibility for a city largely in debt for the last six years.

Other studies have proven that turning a viaduct into a ground-level boulevard can improve the city in numerous ways: in Seattle, Hong Kong and various other cities, crime went down, property value went up, and local businesses experienced a surge. Less drivers were passing over the city, and more were passing through.

A decision has yet to be reached, but for those retaining faith in the character of a once-prospering city, the numbers foretell a hopeful future.


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Jake’s Labor Day Weekend


Jake and dog conquer Green Lakes trails.

  • We hiked
  • We snacked
  • We swam

Keith’s Uneventful Weekend

Keith’s Uneventful Weekend

What I did this weekend:

Dan Pacheco’s Labor Day Weekend

Dan Pacheco’s Awesome Site

This is a bold piece of text.

My first paragraph.

For my Labor Day Weekend, I did the following awesome things:

  • Graded assignments from the Data Visualization class I teach.
  • Drank some beer.
  • Ran a 5K at the New York State Fair (but not after drinking beer.)

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This is a map.

View Golden Snowball Cities in a larger map

Test from blockspring

Just trying out a new infographic tool.

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Assignment 4: Immigration population_percent change _by state

Unauthorized Immigration is one of the most controversial and debatable issues in the United States political landscape. Here’s mapping out states that have shown a considerable shift in the number of unauthorized immigrants over the past decade. Florida and Georgia stand out for different reasons. Florida is the only state that has shown a decline in the unauthorized population while Georgia’s population has nearly doubled.