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Lynda Course

The Lynda course of my choosing was “Writing a Resume” because it is my senior year and I’m in the process of applying to jobs.

The course is taught by Stacy Gordon and it helped me to understand how to write an Subjective, which was one of the difficulties I had because I didn’t know what to write or if it was some kind of introduction or not. Now I know that I should write why I am right for the position.

The skill section was a little tricky to me but I followed the course’s advice and wrote bullet points to make it easier to recruit person.

Another part of the course it was helpful it was how to include my education, especially because I’m from Brazil and the education system there was a little bit different than the American system education. But Stacy clarifies that I should just be organized and clear when explaining dates, especially because I haven’t graduated yet.

Final Project

Operation Lava-Jato turned Brazil upside down as almost every politician was involved in the corruption scheme. Below it is a timeline of the first twelve phases of the operation, which today has already 44 phases and it’s still ongoing.


The federal police uncovered the former president of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was one the chiefs of the corruption schemes when they found out a number of properties purchased using the name of shell companies or the former president foundation. Lula was condemned and it is appealing in court because he wants to run for president again later this year. If the Supreme Court rules against him, he will have to serve nine years in jail for the crimes of corruption and money laundering.

In the map below is where the operation has been taking place. Across the states of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and the country’s capital Brasilia


One of the most shocking turns of this operation was the impeachment of president Dilma Rousseff in 2016 as it was orchestrated by her rivals in order to turn the attention to her instead of the many members of Congress that were being investigated and would later be arrested.

Because of the political turmoil the economy has been as unstable as ever. The value of the dollar spiked in 2015 around the time where the investigations got into the heart of Petrobras. In the graph below you can see how unstable the dollar was.


NEW 300 Assignment 8

Unfortunately, the economic situation nowadays is still very much like it was in 2015. The dollar either spikes or goes down depending on new scandals.

Infogram information was taken from Folha de São Paulo.


Assignment 8 – Proposal

For Assignment 8 I’m looking to explain a little bit of the political situation in Brazil right now. Brazil’s been dealing with corruption for quite some time and unfortunately, the world doesn’t know much about it.

A few years ago, an operation by the feds called “Lava-Jato” was conducted and they uncovered money laundering from politicians in high places, for example, the former president of the country was caught in this operation. Billions of Brazilian dollars that were meant to go to Education and Health ended up in politicians pockets.

My idea is to create a timeline explaining the operation. A leaflet map to show where it happened and an Infogram with the general information.

This data is easy to acquire by looking into Brazilian newspapers and websites. The only thing I’ll need to be careful with will be the timeline because the order of facts can be confusing.

At this point, the unknown for me will be the location of where it happened so I can organize my map.

By far there is not plan B because I really believe this can work.

Assignment 2

The story I found through the New York State open data site is about how many admissions there were for chemical dependency treatment in Onondaga County. The numbers cannot be taken at face value because they do not consider the amount of people who were admitted to multiple programs or who were transferred out of state for treatment. The raw data include more than 65 thousand rows of statistics, starting from 2007 going to 2016, so I filtered it by only including inpatient rehabilitation for heroin and other opioids. There are other categories for drugs such as alcohol, marijuana and other hallucinogens and cocaine. The ages ranged from under 18 to 55 and older, with people between 18 and 34 being the most affected.
There are six general program types and several sub categories. The other treatment programs include crisis, opioid treatment, residential, outpatient and specialized. The main sub categories I looked at were medically supervised withdrawal for inpatients, medically managed detoxification and medically monitored withdrawal, among others. The data show that except for medically managed detoxification, the number of admissions went up significantly starting in 2013, peaking in 2016.

It makes sense because that’s when the opioid crisis started taking off in the United States and New York. The numbers also support this trend locally because according to New York’s Health Department (page 67 of the report), outpatient emergency department visits in Onondaga County increased from 307 in 2015 to 482 in 2016, which is about 103 people out of every 100,000. The crisis has seen disturbing effects because opioid related deaths have tripled in Onondaga County from 2012 to 2016, but went down 28 percent from 2016 to the beginning of last year.

Opioid Dependency Treatment in Onondaga County

Mahima Singh : Independent learning

For the independent learning portion of the course, I didn’t want to only use  While does provide exercise files and walk along I wanted to get an eclectic understanding of HTML and JavaScript for my final project.

I plan to use a one page HTML template to present my findings (Data) then host it on GitHub or someplace free.

Understanding how to Host sites on GitHub.

For this, I went through a GitHub Tutorial for GitHub

The hosting part of it was pretty straight forward. What was a little confusing to me was playing around with the HTML template that I download off the internet. Luckily in class, we have been tinkering with already exciting code. So that is exactly what it did. I played around with the HTML index file of the template and occasionally found myself on StackOverflow trying to figure out how to “Hyperlink an enter div.” Once I got this figured out, I was pretty confident that I will be able to at least Host my project on GitHub. But I would only be certain once I tried.

Integrating JS into HTML

This part took a lot of trial and error. The first place I looked for help was W3schools. It was simple to understand and I could use the snippets to play around with some of the stuff I had on my computer. I used some of the JS charts we had used in class as examples to integrate into a sample HTML template I was working with.

Lynda Requirement

I watched Bootstrap Layouts: responsive single-page design.

The HTML template I was working with was from Bootstrap. While it is known to be easy to work with, one thing I couldn’t get round was the column and row makeup of the Bootstrap page. The video was exactly what I needed. I was stuck trying to get my charts into multiple columns on the bootstrap template and watching this three-hour long video not only helped me solve that problem but it taught me many new things on bootstrap.

In the end, it all came together. The things I learned in class, especially the tinkering with Javascript along the extra learning I did made this project possible.

The final project can be viewed here: Trump and the media




Alex O’Toole – Final Project

The LGBTQ+ community is a community that has long faced persecution and discrimination and hearing that doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone– because it is not new information.

Create your own infographics

It isn’t as if more people are suddenly becoming gay or deciding to be gay, but they are becoming increasingly comfortable with themselves and the climate so that they can admit it now.

The LGBT Civil Rights Movement has been going on for a long time now and it is a fight that it still happening every day. This timeline offers just a sampling of what the LGBT community has done and has gone through over the past several decades.


Yes, as you can see, we as a nation have come a long way. However, that is not to say that we are in a completely safe and accepting society. We know that regardless of any strides or progress, that is absolutely not the case.

The following chart illustrates the breakdown of hate crimes based on sexual identity and gender identity, respectively. These are according to FBI findings for the year 2015.

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In 2015, law enforcement agencies reported 1,219 hate crime offenses based on sexual orientation bias, which is the total number represented in the above chart. Most of the groups identified in the first chart are pretty self-explanatory. “Mixed group” bias, however, refers to bias that was was prompted by an anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender bias; it encompasses a larger group. Clearly though, still, gay men are facing the majority of bias. In 2015 alone they alone faced over 758 hateful assaults.

In the same year, of the single-bias incidents, 118 offenses were a result of gender-identity bias. Of those, 75 of them were anti-transgender and 43 were anti-gender non-conforming.

Something that people always say is that children are the future. If that is the case here, then things are looking up. Children today are being born into a society where it is more acceptable to be who you are. Statistics about LGBT youth show the discrimination that is still being faced by all age groups within the community, but also hope for the future.

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Assignment 6 : Mahima Singh

With Rupert SandersGhost in the shell getting mixed reviews because fans kept comparing it to the original anime, I decided to do a comparison of anime with their live action counterparts.

I took the ratings from IMDB  and plotted it in this mixed bar chart.

The data entry into the JS code was easy enough, but formatting the original chart after that was a nice challenge.

I experimented with D3’s categorical colors and the charts’ axis formatting by writing a function of my own to make sure the ‘Rating” axis didn’t read negative values.


If you are familiar with pop culture and know a little bit about good cinema then you will know that James Wong’s white-washed adaptation of Dragon ball Z, Dragon ball Evolution was one of the worst live action remakes of any anime ever. So it is no surprise that Dragon Ball Evolution has the worst rating.

What is surprising to me is that Sailor Moon’s live adaptation (tv series) got the closest rating to its anime version. The Sailor Moon anime is a tough act to follow. But according to IMDB ratings, it looks like ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon’ comes close enough.

Another obvious trend is the high ratings of the phenomenally successful anime, Death Note. While the anime did a little better, the film came pretty close and I say this from experience. Shûsuke Kaneko’s 2006 Death Note, had its pitfalls but it was a good movie. I doubt Netflix’s adaptation, set to release in August this year, will be able to live up to the hype. But we can only wait.

Here is a list of live action films (based on popular anime) in the making. Some names like Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan have a lot riding on them because of their incredible fan base.


Assignment 6: GROH

I examined the relationship between overall crime in New York versus the amount of sentences for those crimes. The data reveals a slight decrease in overall crime and a sharp decrease in the amount of criminals sentenced. There could be a multitude of reasons for this, however; I expect the cause to be an already over populated jail system and the sentiment that “lesser” crimes shouldn’t be punishable by prison sentences.

Assignment 6: Carla Caban

For this assignment, I decided to look into unemployment rates from the past 10 years and compare them with the number of new jobs created. The dates are kind of off. I used the excel sheet but for some reason the dates are not exact. I got my unemployment data here and the numbers of new jobs created over the past 10 years here. I couldn’t figure out how to put the percentage sign after the number and not before so if someone knows how to please let me know.

Assignment 5 : Mahima Singh

Morbid warning.

After doing research for a project for my Natural Language Processing class, I came across this database of the Last Statement of inmates on death row in Texas.

I decided to scrape the website, pull out the last statements and figure out what the most used words were. You can find the code on my GitHub here.

As we can guess, by the end of their time, an inmate does think of their family.
The word ‘Love’ is used the most, followed by ‘Family’. Other words relating to retribution such as ‘God’ and ‘Sorry’ also make the top-15 list.

Here is the full data that is available on the site.  The “Info” column will give you information on the inmate and the crimes the committed and the “Link” column will take you to the text of their last statement.


FactTexas was the first state in the world to carry out an execution by lethal injection in 1982