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NTNM Assignment 5 Tony Yao

In my opinion, a lot of sensors can be used as tools for outdoor survival uses. Temperature sensors can tell whether you should put on a fire or take off extra clothes. The weather meters can be used to predict extreme weathers in order to keep you safe. Flex sensors can be placed into you tent so that when its flexibility reach certain extent it can warn you about possible danger. Heart rate sensors can be used for health condition check and send signals when necessary. Force sensors can be used as alarm systems to avoid deadly wild animals. pH sensor kit can be used for water supply.

These sensors on Sparkfun are extremely small so that it is possible to combine them together for an ultimate survival tool that is reliable and life-saving.

Sensor Idea–Grant

On SparkFun I found a sensor called the Scanse Sweep. The Scanse Sweep has 360 degree scanning capability with a range of up to 40 meters and a sample rate of 1000 per second.

My idea to tell a story is to stick a 360 camera at an average persons height, on top of a motorized dolly car which is attached to the Scanse Sweep. The idea is that the Scanse Sweep will sense objects around it and pause or change direction if something or someone is in the way. I envision this being a fun way to capture an event like a party, wedding, reception. Being able to relive a party basically as an average bystander without having to hide or walk with a 360 camera could be really useful if the software is good. Maybe it could be dressed up as R2-D2 or some other well known robot. In addition to being a practical way to capture video it would look so cool and futuristic to have a robot at a party.

Minkewicz – Assignment 4

All about Drones

                Drones will be have a significant role to play for journalists in the future, if they aren’t already. Even during my internship at Spectrum News this Spring I would often here the journalists asking if they’re going to be drone certified anytime soon.

                Drones offer visuals for stories that are almost impossible to capture with a camera that does not move in the air. Anything that can be seen through an aerial perspective can usually enhance a story and allow you to see it in a different way. Just like that, story showed in class about how the drought is affecting the water. That reporter could have showed pictures taken at ground level, or perhaps some type of graphic to make his point. Instead, he used a drone to capture video from that aerial perspective and it was much more captivating.

                That being said, I had no idea how much regulations are in place for people to use drones. I can see it being a problem in the future where a news organization or journalist forgets to complete all those check points from the FAA and find themselves fined. It could be so easy to forget to register your aircraft with the FA, or even forget to renew it after it expires in 3 years. Having to pay a $10,000 fine because of forgetting to do something that I’m sure would take no more than 10 minutes seems silly. However, I’m sure a lot of news organizations might forget to do that.

I really believe this is only the beginning for this technology in the journalism field. I’m looking forward to seeing what other possibilities will come from it.

Assignment 4 Tony Yao

After seeing how drones work, I have come up with the following thoughts.
1. Drone technology is quite mature now but requires a smarter AI to fly it.
With all those sensors built in drones, it is much safer to fly a drone but it still required some sort of practice. I believe in the future it would be nice to have a much smarter AI so that it can be flown automatically.
2. Drones can be used a house keeper
We do now have smart vacuum cleaners and it would be better to give it a pair of wings. Also, if it can be linked to voice recognition systems, it would be more helpful to have them reach stuff as well as help with the house cleaning.
3. Drones can be used as a poster change machine
Nowadays these huge posters on a building should be changed by the human. It is dangerous to do that, with drones, it can be operated with ease as well as maintenance.
4. Drones worked really well indoors so it would be better to use it in filming movie clips
With drones, a much more complicated movie shot can be done without risking stuff’s lives as well as it can be done with multiple angles without disturbing actors.


Having the ability to fly drones and get aerial footage would impact my career regardless of what path I go down. If I could get a license it would make filming commercially more realistic because I would have a skill that separates me from the rest of the field. Even if I don’t shoot for a living, being a hobbiest would still be awesome.

Groh: assignment 4

Drones may have a very large impact in my future. Since I want to be a reporter, I am always thinking about new ways to shoot film and how to create an interesting standup. If I am able to go to a location and use a drone to get ariel footage of something I wouldn’t normally be able to get to, it will increase my stature as a reporter. It will make me a go to person for information since I am able to get photos of things others people can’t. It will also make all my footage more dynamic. I will be able to follow rescue crews as they walk into a disaster site. What’s really exciting is that it will make me even more powerful as a one-man-band reporter. To do certain standups reporters need a cameraman. However, with a drone, I am my own camera man, and I can have it follow me where ever I go. So, I can increase the creativity of my shots.

assignment 3 Tony Yao

My chatbot is going to talk a little bit about which we NMM program used to work on. People can get access to the newest content and ask for new updates.


Assignment 3: Groh

After going to the Drone Journalism school this past weekend, I thought it would be valuable to have a destination where people can ask questions about drone law. The confusing laws of such a new technology can be confusing to navigate, so DroneLaw attempts to simplify the intricate legalese and provide novice pilots with the basic information they need to know to avoid breaking the law.

Click this link to learn about drone laws.

NTNM assignment 2 Tony Yao

During these classes, I have got the opportunity to get in touch with all these latest technologies. What interested me most is computer generated Virtual Reality. By creating a virtual world, it is possible to do things that we cannot do in the real world. Apart from Augmented Reality, computer generated Virtual Reality has a more limited use conditions while can also be used for repeatable purposes such as training and designing.

For my field test, I would like to create a Virtual Reality scene of assembling. I would like to test in the current technology limitation, is it more efficient to use virtual tools as training method or in the real world. Is it possible to create a virtual training program that will not only save actual materials but also time to actually learn something new. My plan is to set up a LEGO building simulation and ask people to do it in the real world as well as doing it in the simulation program. By giving the direction in animation or giving a manual, I want to compare the efficiency of both methods and reach a conclusion on that.

Assignment 1: 3D Model —Yi Zhang

It was really fun to see a 3D model of myself being printed out. During this project, I learnt some basic operations of modifying 3D models through Tinkercad.

I think the way of capturing and sharing 3D information online may change people’s life tremendously. The first possible application that comes to my mind is education. In the future, students will be able to learn things through 3D models, which will be easier for them to understand. Also, 3D model can  be used for online shopping. Sometimes, we buy some clothes that look really good on the models. But when we try them on, it looks not that fit for us. In the future, people may be able to upload their 3D model to shopping websites and try on clothes  to see the actual look on their body.

The Makerspace is a great place for students to work on some hand-made projects. We were introduced a fantastic machine. With 3D glasses, we could see vivid and detailed 3D models.