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Groh: assignment 4

Drones may have a very large impact in my future. Since I want to be a reporter, I am always thinking about new ways to shoot film and how to create an interesting standup. If I am able to go to a location and use a drone to get ariel footage of something I wouldn’t normally be able to get to, it will increase my stature as a reporter. It will make me a go to person for information since I am able to get photos of things others people can’t. It will also make all my footage more dynamic. I will be able to follow rescue crews as they walk into a disaster site. What’s really exciting is that it will make me even more powerful as a one-man-band reporter. To do certain standups reporters need a cameraman. However, with a drone, I am my own camera man, and I can have it follow me where ever I go. So, I can increase the creativity of my shots.

Assignment 3 – Elena

My chatbot is made to answer any questions that people may have regarding coming to Newhouse for the graduate TRF program. It has AI rules to answer specific questions people may have about tuition, living situations, financial aid, and program issues.

It’s called test page for now because my bot wouldn’t connect to the other pages I created! I requested the change though, so it should be Newhouse TRF Grad Program soon.

Assignment #3- Jakubowski

For my chatfuel bot, i created an automated bot for the Syracuse Airport.  I thought that a bot that could give passengers a quick and timely response of simple questions would be a useful part of technology for the Syracuse airport, especial on the customer service side.

The bot can answer simple questions about gate information, security, transportation, and can even update passengers on how to access the wifi.  All the user has to do is connect with the bot using FB Messenger.

My hunch is a bunch of airports already offer a service like this, and it is much more in-depth and precise.  As simple as this tool may seem, it could be a vital customer service item that would help eliminate some traveling woes for passengers.


Chat with it at this Facebook page.




Assignment 3: Jenkins

For my first ChatBot, I created a bot for photography beginners or teachers as well as people who want to stay up-to-date with the latest photo news. It can explain photographic terms, as well as provide links to photography news websites.

Something that would be extremely useful, that I would have to probably do in a different program / code, would be to have the bot give equivalent exposures, so if someone said “1/200, f/16, iso 100” and asked a question about lowering the aperture or raising the shutter speed it would give them the equivalent exposures for that purpose.

A cool thing which you can do is add buttons to the “Persistent Menu” which shows up as 3 lines (hamburger menu) whenever you’re talking to a bot made by ChatFuel. I added the option to show an index of terms to the persistent menu, making it easy to know what kinds of things you can ask the bot.

Photo Bot:

assignment 3 Tony Yao

My chatbot is going to talk a little bit about which we NMM program used to work on. People can get access to the newest content and ask for new updates.


Assignment 3- Edwards

My chat bot will help users navigate the recent rise toward populism in the EU! Starting with the financial crisis in 2008 through to the French election, my chat bot explains it. I may be using this for my field test, so it will get much more detailed. It’s an incredibly complicated topic as anyone can imagine! Enjoy:

Assignment 3

My chat bot is named Steve. Unfortunately, I could not change the name after I had initially created him, but Steve has grown on me a lot and has become quite witty and knowledgable. He mostly likes to talk about baseball. You can ask him things like, who is a team playing, what the current standings are, news stories around the league, who his favorite team is, the history of baseball (who invented baseball), some rules of the game (e.g how many feet to first or to the pitchers mound, how many umpires are there), his favorite baseball movie of all time, what the most important pitch is, common pitches thrown, power rankings, who won the World Series, who is the best player of all time, and more! His personality comes out when you ask him how he is, the meaning of life, the origins of his name, and other simple questions.

Here is ol’ Steve’s page!

Assignment 1

Though I have been to the Makerspace a few times and knew that it had a 3D printer in it, getting a full tour opened my eyes up to (free) and endless opportunities offered. Scanning and modifying and printing people and scenes seems like it could be of particular use to the design, architecture, and gaming industries. Having the ability to accurately scan rooms allows for near perfect renditions of scenes for gaming. Being able to modify what you scanned enhances game designers and architectural designers ability to create realistic and practical settings. After clicking through some of the chrome experiments, it seems like an entirely new art form has emerged from the growth in 3D programing. The models ability to play tricks on your eyes is of particular interest to me and I actually found that I had a visceral reaction to many of the experiments on Chrome Experiments. My abstraction of my print out isn’t all that abstract but I thought it would be cool to have an army of sorts, of myself. It is like a modern day terracotta warrior scene. Maybe I could change my outfit and hair and could have different versions of myself all around! I think the file is too big for tinkercad to export so I uploaded a few of the models to Sketchfab and then took a screen shot of what my tinkercat scene looked like.

Assignment 3: Groh

After going to the Drone Journalism school this past weekend, I thought it would be valuable to have a destination where people can ask questions about drone law. The confusing laws of such a new technology can be confusing to navigate, so DroneLaw attempts to simplify the intricate legalese and provide novice pilots with the basic information they need to know to avoid breaking the law.

Click this link to learn about drone laws.

Assignment 3 Chat Bot: Yi Zhang

I created a Facebook page as my photography business page. The chat bot for that page was made to provide my business information to clients. Clients can know the type of photo I shoot, my day rate, location base, contact information, education background, portfolio through this chat bot.

Here is a link to Bot Yi.