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Groh: assignment 4

Drones may have a very large impact in my future. Since I want to be a reporter, I am always thinking about new ways to shoot film and how to create an interesting standup. If I am able to go to a location and use a drone to get ariel footage of something I wouldn’t normally be able to get to, it will increase my stature as a reporter. It will make me a go to person for information since I am able to get photos of things others people can’t. It will also make all my footage more dynamic. I will be able to follow rescue crews as they walk into a disaster site. What’s really exciting is that it will make me even more powerful as a one-man-band reporter. To do certain standups reporters need a cameraman. However, with a drone, I am my own camera man, and I can have it follow me where ever I go. So, I can increase the creativity of my shots.

Assignment 3 – Elena

My chatbot is made to answer any questions that people may have regarding coming to Newhouse for the graduate TRF program. It has AI rules to answer specific questions people may have about tuition, living situations, financial aid, and program issues.

It’s called test page for now because my bot wouldn’t connect to the other pages I created! I requested the change though, so it should be Newhouse TRF Grad Program soon.

Assignment 3: Groh

After going to the Drone Journalism school this past weekend, I thought it would be valuable to have a destination where people can ask questions about drone law. The confusing laws of such a new technology can be confusing to navigate, so DroneLaw attempts to simplify the intricate legalese and provide novice pilots with the basic information they need to know to avoid breaking the law.

Click this link to learn about drone laws.

Assignment 2 – Elena DeLuccia

So I’m a big Star Trek fan (yes, I know, I’m a dork) and there was this thing called the Replicator, which could make items appear out of thin air. They used to kind of just materialize on a pad in front of whomever ordered the item. This is a piece of science fiction that pretty much came into reality when 3D printing started. We’re now able to make something materialize into an object (of course, not as efficiently as in Star Trek) out of what seems like thin air.

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As for technology I’m interested in, I’d really love to do my field test with one of the 360 cameras (preferable the Nikon) in order to take a 360 video at each of Ithaca’s Gorges and make a catalog of them. I see that no one has done this yet, and I think it would be really great for Ithaca’s tourist population. I’d love to submit it to when I’m done so maybe they can be published. Check out the gorges here!


Personal Project Proposal – Elena DeLuccia

I hope that I can show the issues that women face in the entertainment industry regarding the wage gap, sexism and other challenges. I’ll highlight women working behind the scenes, women onscreen as well as female critics in the film spectrum.

I plan on using data acquired San Diego State’s Center for the Study of Women in Film & Television, Forbes, Entertainment Weekly, and Variety to put together charts through Highcharts, infographics through infogram, as well as an interactive chart through nvd3. Each will show the three different aspects of the industry that I mentioned.

I have written a personal essay to go along with the data, which also provides more factual info. This would be more of a personal piece with journalistic aspects.


Assignment 6 – Elena DeLuccia

With the failure of Republicans to pass a new healthcare plan, I thought it would be interesting to see how Obamacare has helped the population with insurance overall. I took the population census’ from 2011-2015 and then took the average of those populations (they were listed per month) and compared them with the percentage of uninsured Americans to get a final number for the total uninsured.

I think this chart shows the significant amount that the number of uninsured Americans has dropped and how much Obamacare has helped to get Americans insured.


Assignment #1 – Elena DeLuccia

I was really intrigued by the Makerspace – it’s amazing and I wish more students knew about it! I found the software a little clunky at first, but I eventually got more familiar with it. It’s definitely a challenge to keep the 3D version of yourself accurately at proportion. Sketchfab is pretty convenient, I’m really surprised it’s free!

I made myself into a trophy because, honestly, it was the only thing I could think of to add when you have a statuesque version of yourself.

Assignment 1: Groh

The small model of myself did not come out as well as I thought. I learned a term called “overhang”. It is the area of the bust that requires vertical pillars that act as a support system to keep it upright when it’s being created. If there’s too much overhang there will be a lot of supports and it will be harder to end up with a clean final product.

With that being said, there is a great upside to 3D printing. Being able to upload 3D models of objects and share them on social media is a powerful too. Especially if those models are interactive. There is a lot of potential for educational benefits. Whether it’s looking at bodily organs or a physical place, being able to navigate something that was previously impossible to do allows us to share knowledge with a vast amount of people. However, certain challenges I foresee are the affordability of doing something like this, the technological requirements for people, and the problem of giving information to people that they are unprepared to understand. Spreading knowledge is good, but giving complex ideas to people without the necessary foundational understanding of it does nothing.

It's Me!
by jgroh
on Sketchfab

Assignment 6: GROH

I examined the relationship between overall crime in New York versus the amount of sentences for those crimes. The data reveals a slight decrease in overall crime and a sharp decrease in the amount of criminals sentenced. There could be a multitude of reasons for this, however; I expect the cause to be an already over populated jail system and the sentiment that “lesser” crimes shouldn’t be punishable by prison sentences.

Assignment 5 – Elena DeLuccia

So, I’m not sure if everyone heard my little rant in class on Thursday about this new, ridiculous, tourist-attracting U-shaped building that New York City is currently on it’s way to approving.

You can find all the info about it in the article here.

Basically, it’s so irritating because I (along with many others) believe that the money that’s going to be going towards building this impractical and useless structure could be going to certain things that could help the city such as reducing the homeless population, creating more affordable housing, fixing the roads or cleaning up the parks – and supporting New York City’s schools.

This is why I chose to do my tabletop and chart on the retention rates of CUNY (City of New York) schools in order to show that maybe this is something the money could go to – creating more opportunities for students in order to keep them enrolled and create a better future for them.

For my final article I’m going to look at things like the homeless population and much of the other things I mentioned in order to show where this money could be distributed to improve the city of New York.

In the meantime, I had a little trouble working the chart to get the key out of the way, but you can still see most numbers.