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Assignment 4 – Elena DeLuccia

I decided to take a look at Donald Trump’s tweeting activity in the days following inauguration (January 20th). There is a clear distinction between which tweets he authored and those he decided to retweet.

Assignment 3 – Elena DeLuccia

I thought it would be a good idea to do a timeline on something really relevant to news right now. So I decided to do mine on how Jeff Sessions got to the Attorney General position. I updated it to include the most recent controversies with his contact with Russia, and will continue to update if there are any other developments throughout the weekend!


Assignment 2 Groh

I examined the population density of New York counties in regards to the number of liquor licenses each county has. I had to utilize two different data sources to obtain the population density. I put the number of liquor licenses in one column and the counties’ population in another. After that I inserted the formula =C:C/B:B. The significance of this formula is that I did not have to manually enter each formula. I was able to apply that formula to an entire column and excel was able to identify the proper numbers that corresponded to each row.

People per Liquor License in New York Countie
Create bar charts

Assignment 2 – Elena

2016-2017 NYS School Budgets by County
Create line charts

I took data from in order to develop an infographic that would show how much each county gets for its school budget for this year.

I filtered the information to only include the sum of the total budgets for each city in each county, then inputted each of these sums into the infographic to create a graphic representation of each county.

PRD and Pitch Deck

Doing this was not easy. There’s a lot more that goes into drafting a business than I initially thought. I came up with more and more ideas for my dating service but that only increased costs. I also learned that my revenue source isn’t as viable as I thought at first. I haven’t found a good way around that yet.

Overall, it was fun to do. It put my mind in business mode. So while detailing this idea, I came up with other business ideas too.

What2Do Pitch Deck


What2Do PRD


Home Cooked is a food delivery application that connects local bakers/cooks who want to share/sell their meals and recipes to the those who are looking for a home cooked meal and an alternative to the “greasy, fast food” delivery service already available. The app works similar to other food delivery services (i.e. GrubHub).



with updated PRD****

PRD and Pitch deck Tony

Alexoid is a virtual assistant layout that helps you get company with a virtual character in your cell phone instead of talking to a box. This product is facing everybody while in current stage it is targeting at lonely people or gamers who like to dress and create their own characters.


Alexoid pitch deck

PRD & Pitch Deck – DeLuccia

I found the PRD really difficult – it requires so much knowledge and information to make something that people will really want to read. I tried to work it through the best that I could, but I’m not sure that I could get together all of the information I needed. I think the best way to approach that is to talk to past entrepreneurs and developers to really understand the process more.

The pitch deck was easy for me because I know exactly what I’d want to say in a presentation and I really enjoyed doing the design aspect of it. Overall, I think that this app actually has some potential after going through each step of the development process.

10-20-30 Dietbetic_DeLuccia


Chavez_Business Model

My product idea or app idea is called ReciMe (reh-SIH-mee). The app would help users cook and prepare meals based on what they already have at home in their cupboards, fridge, pantry, etc. Users would type or take photos of all of the things they already have and then the app would generate what meals they could make with what they have. It would also tell you some recipes that you might have most of the ingredients for but not all of them. I put in my business plan that includes the design and basic start up costs. I would make most of my money in revenue from advertising from brands that could be featured on the app as ingredients (e.g. ketchup=Heinz, etc.).


Business Model Muñoz


The workshops will make money by traveling from school/organization to school/organization and working with kids to make videos and learn some skills along the way.

We will spend our funds set up a website and cover basic traveling expense which will be covered by our fee to the high schools.



business_model_J Muñoz