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PRD and Pitch Deck

Doing this was not easy. There’s a lot more that goes into drafting a business than I initially thought. I came up with more and more ideas for my dating service but that only increased costs. I also learned that my revenue source isn’t as viable as I thought at first. I haven’t found a good way around that yet.

Overall, it was fun to do. It put my mind in business mode. So while detailing this idea, I came up with other business ideas too.

What2Do Pitch Deck


What2Do PRD


Home Cooked is a food delivery application that connects local bakers/cooks who want to share/sell their meals and recipes to the those who are looking for a home cooked meal and an alternative to the “greasy, fast food” delivery service already available. The app works similar to other food delivery services (i.e. GrubHub).



with updated PRD****

PRD and Pitch deck Tony

Alexoid is a virtual assistant layout that helps you get company with a virtual character in your cell phone instead of talking to a box. This product is facing everybody while in current stage it is targeting at lonely people or gamers who like to dress and create their own characters.


Alexoid pitch deck

PRD & Pitch Deck – DeLuccia

I found the PRD really difficult – it requires so much knowledge and information to make something that people will really want to read. I tried to work it through the best that I could, but I’m not sure that I could get together all of the information I needed. I think the best way to approach that is to talk to past entrepreneurs and developers to really understand the process more.

The pitch deck was easy for me because I know exactly what I’d want to say in a presentation and I really enjoyed doing the design aspect of it. Overall, I think that this app actually has some potential after going through each step of the development process.

10-20-30 Dietbetic_DeLuccia


Chavez_Business Model

My product idea or app idea is called ReciMe (reh-SIH-mee). The app would help users cook and prepare meals based on what they already have at home in their cupboards, fridge, pantry, etc. Users would type or take photos of all of the things they already have and then the app would generate what meals they could make with what they have. It would also tell you some recipes that you might have most of the ingredients for but not all of them. I put in my business plan that includes the design and basic start up costs. I would make most of my money in revenue from advertising from brands that could be featured on the app as ingredients (e.g. ketchup=Heinz, etc.).


Business Model Muñoz


The workshops will make money by traveling from school/organization to school/organization and working with kids to make videos and learn some skills along the way.

We will spend our funds set up a website and cover basic traveling expense which will be covered by our fee to the high schools.



business_model_J Muñoz

Business Model Tony


I will be limiting my business plan into an app. Since an AR projecting tool like Hololamp is far beyond my reach since the limited budget, an app of Amazon Echo’s virtual character would be a better choice.

Alexoid is an app that allows you to create your own Amazon Alexa virtual character on your cell phone and see it talking to you with full function of Amazon Echo. I am assuming that my co-founder is capable of developing the app so that we don’t have to spend more on that. The major cost would be a powerful computer as a sunk cost, 3d modeling and voice dubbing.

I plan to release one new character each 2 months. That will increase the 3d modeling cost to 600 dollars which is the cheapest 3d modeling I can find and this will take 50 hours to complete. Also a vocal dubbing will cost 20 dollars a minute which we are thinking of at least 1 hour vocal for each character.

The main contribution will be VIP subscription, DIY object purchase and Vocal package purchase. Customers can get free access to the base function of this app and will have to pay for customization and voice. They might be able to use their favorite character’s voice from movie or film but we can’t afford them for the first year. So this business model is focusing on advertising and attracting people to use this app. A future AR experience can be looking forward to as well.

Alexoid business_model_template

Business Model- Jakubowski

My app- Home Cooked- is an app that is a food delivery application that connects local bakers/cooks who want to share/sell their meals and recipes to the those who are looking for a home cooked meal and an alternative to the “greasy, fast food” delivery service already available. The app works similar to other food delivery services (i.e. GrubHub).  Cooks/Bakers sign up to show what meals they are cooking, how much they are preparing, times available and price.  Customers then can look at reviews and photos of the meals and select the meal.  Delivery or pickup is determined by the seller. For demo purposes, i limited my spreadsheet to the Syracuse area only for financial reasons.

For initial expenses, there will be a heavy marketing campaign in the begin so people can learn about the app, both the cooks and the customers.  Ads will be made and also a marketing team will be consulted.  The website/application will also incur beginning costs, though the idea and framework is simple enough that it won’t be terribly expensive.  Legal fees are needed due to FDA policies on selling food and making sure the cooks are approved.  Only two employees to start for year 1, in order to keep costs low.


For revenue,  each cook that signs up pays a $60 membership fee.  In month 1, 5 cooks are projected to sign up, with 5 new cooks signing up each additional month. So 60 total cooks on hand (for only Syracuse area) by end of year 1.  There is also a commission portion, where the company takes 15% of each sale made by the cook.  We project that each cook will make 3 sales per week, averaging at about $25 per sale.  In months 1, the company will only make about $225 on commission, but month 12 we make nearly $3000.  Commissions are the key to our business  model.


Jakubowski-Business model spreadsheet

Business Model – Groh

DateAdvisor isn’t going to make much money in the first year of business. With the $10,000 given to me to start a business, I identified five different expenses that I will inevitably face. The five expense categories are; marketing, web-hosting/domain registration, legal services, and employee’s wages. The employee’s wages bite the most out of the budget. That is why in the first year I limited hours and wage to a minimum. It was designed to have them contribute a fair amount to the company but still work on it as a side project. The second largest expenditure is for marketing. This includes advertising and consulting charges.

The way the company will make money is via subscriptions and advertising. Customers who want more than just ideas and would like an online dating service can sign up for DateAdvisors own matchmaking service. The prices indicated in the cost sheet are the minimum for a subscription but premium packages can go as high as $75 a month. I will also start advertising with Google Adsense. However, once the site begins attracting more users, I will cut out Google Adsense and construct deals directly with advertisers and companies. The goal is to be able to attract advertisers specifically related to the content on the website. The last month of the year will be the first time that DateAdvisor makes money.



Assignment 4: Business Model – Ratick

My product is a VR device that allows people to watch live sporting events from the comfort of their own home. In the beginning, it might take awhile to develop brand recognition and to convince people that this is the future of watching games from home. As the year moves on, the success of the company will only continue.

The majority of my spending will go towards advertising. Early on, lawyer fees will be hefty for getting a business off in running. But going forward, advertising will be an expensive yet effective way of spreading the word of this product. For a product like this, it makes sense to spend a lot on advertising because chances are big sports fans will want to buy this product in order to change the way that they watch games from home. We’ll make money from people buying the product and subscribing to the services of streaming various live events.